Friday, August 1, 2008

Freaky Friday..

Yep. That’s what it is..

Lunch was brought in for the office and there were leftovers in the break room- the food was for the other group, so I just ate my little lunch and was as happy as a pig in poo…uh..mud…. not really thinking about anything else..…

But then the email came.."food in the break reoom is for everyone...come and get it.."

By this time my little lunch was wearing a little off (and who wants to eat on an empty stomach anyway..) so I mosey….um.. sashay… RUN in to see what’s there... as fast as my little feet could take me..

Chocolate cake with white of my many many bad-for-me-favorites ..was there ..calling sweetly to me….Colllleeeennn, Colll leeeeee ennnn!

OK, so here’s the freaky part…I choose the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and Ranch dip!

Uh huh..that’s what I said..vegetables! By choice! YesirRee..

Now, if it was that alone, not a big ol freaky Friday..but wait.

As I was ..ahem..rolling tissue this morning, I discovered the towollette-papier (that’s French….probably…maybe…OK, I made it up..) roll has shrunk – not in number of sheets on the roll, but the length of the roll!

So, we’re getting what looks like the same amount…but it’s shorter…. I don't know that I would have noticed it except we have this wierd-cool-tiolet-paper-holder that "snaps" in...when it FITS..( you pull out that little knobby-thingy, set int he roll and it snaps into place - holding the roll ..when it's the right size...)

Hmmm….wonder what else they’re passing off as full-sized and it actually shrinking??

Things that make you go…Hmmmm…

Have a wonderful, restful, full-sized week-end.


Betty said...

I'm with you on the veggies and ranch dip...well, the ranch dip anyhow! Rather dip potato chips in it than cucumbers. Have a great weekend...seems as though this one came around pretty quickly, eh? Take care.

Jan said...

Ok...I'm gonna try leaving a comment yet one more time. Drat this blogger stuff! : )
I'm saying ICE CREAM isn't the same! They make the container smaller...but not much you THINK you're getting the same amount but noooooo, you're getting much less!
You notice tp...I notice ice cream! LOL! Have a great weekend!

Sweet Repose said...

Oh yeah...the dirty cheats...go buy a Mrs. Smith's frozen apple used to get 8 slices, now only 6. It USED to fit in my pie pan, but now it slides all over...just about wore it as decoration on my Birkies.