Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Sullivan Chicks

Or...everything I learned in life, I learned from my………sisters.
( and a couple of things from my brother..)

Yes, you all know that I have 2"older" sisters and one big brother.... uh, yeah, he’s pretty good too.(no - that's not REALLY him...)

And I actually did learn some pretty valuable lessons from him as well. Like setting a goal, having a plan, then working hard to achieve it in time to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Good lesson. May be too late for me.

..I’m not good at setting goals, I never have a plan…I only work as hard as I have to..BUT..I AM enjoying my life, so I guess 1 outta 3’s not too bad eh?

Back to the sisters. ……..

Take time to put at least a little blush and some eyebrows on every morning – consider it a “public service

When shopping for anyone, really consider what they love – then if you find it at a garage sale, or a flea market, or at the finest store, buy it. They will appreciate all your forethought – no matter where it came from..

Don’t let the “Big Boys” get you down. Look ‘em straight in the eye and prove to them you are smart, capable and a force to be reckoned with.

See above for doctors, nurses, auto mechanics, horse shoe-ers, vets, traffic policemen and bosses

Be strong and maintain what makes you who you are. Take pride in your appearance, your intelligence and your common sense.

When you feel like crying, climb into bed and watch Lifetime movies all day.

And…… eat chocolate (..uh….that’s mine..)

When you’re happy, sing. And if you can’t sing good, sing LOUD!

When you’re sad, sing LOUDER.

Be consistent. (I’m such a dork – that one’s hard for me..but maybe I’m a consistent dork!!)

There’s always room for family, dogs, cats, horses, and friends – it may be on the couch, on the floor or in the barn, but there’s ALWAYS room.

If you get caught in the rain, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR – leave it alone until it dries and you can re-style with your fingers.

If you can get it at Costco and it looks, smells and tastes like homemade – just smile and say “Oh, you're sweet! Thank you!” when everyone raves.

Don’t use waterproof mascara. You’ll never get it off. And you’ll look like TammyFaye

Having a baby is no worse than having bad cramps – yeah, and because I believed that, I thought I was dying with my first child because I N.E.V.E.R . had cramps ThAt bad! Thanks a lot...................

(OK, so some of the advice is not so good…..but for the most part, they’ve done pretty well.)

And lastly.............and this could turn out to be the most important......

Don’t get your nails done right before milking the cow.

Love ya, Sissies!



Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Although I am the oldest, I too have 2 sister and a little brother ( he is 6'2") but is 15 years younger than me...oops! The 2nd sister is my best friend...we are only 11 months apart and most people think we are twins--we look nothing alike..I have redish blonde hair-light complexion(the Irish part of may Dad and she is dark hair and dark eyes-the french and Indian-native American of my Mom).

Brother are good but sisters are the best.........

Laurie and Chris said...

Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I am trying to get caught up again. Thank you for all of your wondderful comments. We are doing pretty good. One day at a time is our new saying around here. Thanks again.

Sweet Repose said... get a supreme award from the Laugh and Snort Club(me) wouldn't be so funny if it weren't all true. My darling baby will be 40 next week and I think her son was more painfull to me than she was...but I did rather enjoy sitting on that donut thingy, you know the thing that was supposed to make sitting on all those stitches painless...whatever...and why didn't they make something to stop the pain when you peed...

Thanks for dredging up all those memories!!! Think it's time for chocolate...strictly to ease the thought of cramps...ahh sweet menopause...


Baby Vagabond said...

Well, that was a great post! I loved all the advice and the humorous way it was administered.

Pen Pen said...

Great tribute to sisters!!! Sisters are so honest... I never had one, but always begged for one.

Betty said...

Just got back to reading...what a fun post! You always have the perfect pictures to go with the perfect words! Love you.

Anonymous said...

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