Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The dog-walkers of Main Street

Yes, there are a lot of us.

More than I remember in my 12 years in my home. When we first moved here, we had Charlie, our lovely little Shih Tzu that saw me through my cancer ordeal only to find himself a few years later with cancer himself (I will always believe he “took” it from me.. )

And we were about the only ones out there walking and enjoying the morning air.

We walked every morning….. just the 2 of us. Past the vacant lot where someone had planted pumpkin seeds and turned it into the best pumpkin patch we had ever seen. Now there is a house there … just not the same…

Then MaryKate joined in our walks and in our hearts. She was found by the dumpster by Jeff, who asked us if we could save her from her likely fate of an early death in the hot summer sun with no one to care for her.

Seems the little “pup” was an old gal. Very old. However, she lived with me, Charlie and Mr. B for another 5 years. Vet estimated her age at the time of death of between 15 & 17 years old..

No teeth, almost blind and completely deaf...We named her after a great-cousin in Ireland that looked very similar..and no offense meant to either MaryKate...

So now the 3 of us, Charlie, MaryKate and me, would walk in the mornings until Charlie got so sick ...

He walked me until he could no longer make it around the park. Mr. B would carry him to the back yard or to the park to potty..

Charlie died and within 2 months., MaryKate joined him. I will always believe she died of a broken heart.

We almost did too.

So there was a short time that I was not walking dog(s) at all.

Very short…. like 8 weeks. Eight sad, l-o-n-g and lonely weeks

Braxton came to save the day…. and the mornings.

And, we added a night-time walk so Mr. B could enjoy this as well - he had night shift and I had the day…that way, we could each have our own bonding time with Braxton.

Braxie walks the “quick step” and always walked a little prouder after his “beauty shop” visits..

Still, we saw no other dogs walking their people.

We’d pass dogs in their yards and Braxie would be so proud to be out and about..

Lulu joined our family and now we were 3 again - walking various routes around the neighborhood. Once in a while, Jeff would bring over his pug, Dax, and we’d all walk together.

We started seeing one couple start to walk their 2 dogs..not all the time, but now and again.

Still, no other dogs seen.

Another little rescue dog, Angel was needing a temporary home while she was adapting to her “challenge". She lost both eyes due to neglect and mistreatment by who knows who.. She was adorable.. like a stuffed teddy bear who lost it’s “buttons” - she had a nose, and a great smile and was shaggy and cute- just no eyes. ( they (thankfully) closed her lids )

Lulu was her “guide dog” and we 4 would walk in the early morning light - Lulu guiding Angel over the curbs and around the obstacles, Braxton watching for traffic…and birds...and cats …and bright, shinny objects.

Angel went to her great “forever home” and is still walking much to her rescuer’s and owner’s delight and surprise. (I guess I didn’t think NOT to walk her?!)

Now, when we walk there are several walking pairs - the lady who always wears a skirt and tennis shoes and her black dog. She waves and we shout “hello” but try to stay on opposite sides of the road (Lulu is a wee bit territorial) She walks every morning at 7:30 .. just about the time we’re finishing up.

Then there’s the gray-haired lady with the big dog that walks …no…make that PULLS her around the block and barks at us. We wave back…we don’t know either of their names.

A lady named Joy walks her big, friendly dog and the whole while she is training, working with and putting her dog through it's paces. Very obedient and smart. The dog does well, too.

The couple we started seeing walking first are now taking daily walks… good for them! They have 2 dogs and seem to enjoy the time they’re all together.

Lately we’ve seen a young man running with his GIANT 7-month old puppy that is about the size of a small car. Friendly as can be- the both of them..

A young woman walks her dog and is off-put by Lulu’s embarrassing display of “Alpha-ness” shoots Mr. B a rather huffy look…Mr. B looks back apologetically..Lulu is un –phased.. "whatever..."

And so it goes, all the dog walkers of Main Street, getting to know the neighborhood and each other.

Exercising, bonding, and generally enjoy life.

Remember those gentle souls that carry us through the daily grind - who give us years... and love ...and cool morning walks. Remember them and remember, God Himself has entrusted US to care for them..


Charmingdesigns said...

thank you for that! I got down on all fours today to be with my sweet kitty he just loves for me to be down on his level.lol Think I can get him to go for a walk with me?? Laurie

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

That was so beautiful.
I was wiping the tears from my
eyes in one part and smiling in the next.
You are wonderful dog walking people :)....
I think I'll take my little guys Buddy (the budsters)
and Baxter (the incredible bat dog) out for
their walk now.. It's earlier than normal but
it will make their day!


the old schoolhouse said...

Thanks for sharing all your lovely dogs and their stories,dont know what i would do without my georgous dog ,he makes me smile every day,he is one of many dogs i have had ,and i loved them all and broke my heart when they pass on.Angie xx

Vanessa Greenway said...

Hello! I love the photo you chose for you blog banner, so pretty!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hugs! Vanessa

Betty said...

Glad to know you have more and more company during your walks. Nice that the weather is pleasant enough to walk them, although I guess we switch nice weather in the winter, eh? Love ya.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Use to walk Oscar but he is getting older -17 and has arthritis in his back legs so walking for any length of time is out. Goind from the inside to the outside is a chore for him now....Not many people walk thier dogs in our neighborhood...probably to hot here in the summer time.
Loved your story about the adopted dogs....every dog needs somone to love and you and Mr B definitely fit that mold......

kath said...

This is Betty's sister, Kathy. It was so nice meeting you, your husband, and your furry babies. We had a great time and the dessert was DELICIOUS! It is nice to read your blog and now be able to put real people with the names and faces, including the doggies. Thank you again for a wonderful and fun(!) afternoon.

Love, Kathy

white o'morn cottage said...

What a lovely post...I love all those little creatures you have introduced us to..thank you Colleen

Pen Pen said...

God made wonderful creatures when he made dogs for us! They love us more than they love themselves!