Saturday, August 16, 2008

This one's for Duffy..

I know many of you know Betty from
Today was the passing one of her beloved dogs, Duffy.

Betty is a tireless worker for all "rescued" animals and as such has rescued many herself. While working at an animal shelter in 1997, she fell completely in love with little Duffy . He was about a year and a half old at the time - then in 2004 Duffy was diagnosed with congestive heart failure - a condition that usually only gives about 6 months.

Duffy lived a happy and contented life and had more pups to play with as Betty & Jack added to their family.

Duffy passed away today - and left Betty & Jack shattered. My heart goes out to them - this love is so deep and so respectful - that it knows no bounds.

In my heart I know Duffy had the very best years with Jack & Betty and the other dogs. He was loved by all, and given the love so many other dogs never see.

I ask that you please send up a prayer with Duffy- to ease the pain in Jack & Betty's hearts and let the other pups know that he will miss them, too.

But he's up there with Sunkis'd, his first house mate, and together they are watching over the household - and smiling down at the whole family, Jack, Betty, Gus, Casey & Lucy....and who ever joins the family next!

I would be grateful if you stopped by Betty's and let her know that you all care. That's what's so wonderful about all of you- you're always near when we need you!
Thank you....and goodnight, little Duffy. Say "Hi" to God and to Sunkis'd and our Charlie & MatyKate for all of us!


Betty said...

What a beautiful tribute...thank you so very much for understanding our pain and loss. You are truly a kind person. We'll be alright eventually; but, we have to get through the pain first. Love you.

Farmchick said...

Oh goodness....we are animal lovers here on our farm...and I know first hand the pain of losing a beloved pet. I will be sure to stop by Betty's blog and let her know I am thinking of her.

Have a good day and come back and visit me again!!

white o'morn cottage said...

What a great tribute to Duffy. I have been over to visit and leave my best wishes. Love....Pam

madrekarin said...

Duffy must have been very special indeed. He has the sweetest, most soulful eyes. I can just imagine the joy he brought to everyone he met. :)

Anonymous said...

Just ran over to let you know I didn't kick the bucket as we say in the South.
This just breaks my heart.. Im headed there now.

Pen Pen said...

So sweet... little Duffy was a pretty little baby for sure! I can only imagine the pain in his family's hearts... God bless them all!