Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a great ending to a week-end...

...that started a little shaky.

First off, I wanted to say how extremely humbled I am to have had such an outpouring of support for my big brother, Larry. You have all touched my heart and know how grateful I am.

We spoke tonight and he is in great spirits.

Good for him.

I know that having a good attitude is something we all strive for in our daily lives, and it's easy when things are going our way, but it is so important to try to maintain that positiveness in the trying times.

As I suspected, the hardest part has been telling his children.

I knew it would be.

And that is something, if any of you have friends or Heaven forbid, family that is going or will go through something like this, remember, it's not always for themselves that they are saddened.

Let them know that you understand that that part is most difficult...

What's better to end a week-end that's so full of the unknowns- Gracie & George's first flights, and Larry's news, than to retreat into the "knowns" - watching one of my most favorite films,

Return to Me...

My favorite movies are "romantic-comedies" (which is redundant - romance is comedic - or should be.)

Anyway, this movie has it all - Irish brogues, 40's & 50's music, dogs, bicycles with baskets, flowers , gorillas, and love at all ages. Love for friends, for family, for each other and for animals. Love, love, love this movie. Old men, old women, young kids and Bonnie Hunt.

I like Bonnie Hunt. It never seems to me she's acting - just being herself - no matter what I've seen her in.

Anyway, Mr. B made BBQ ribs, I baked brownies, and we had a quiet, relaxing Sunday with our 3 loves, Braxton, Lulu & Bones, Grandma's cat. (Grandma's in San Diego with Mr. B 2.0)

Gracie and MammaSweetieBird have been making their way in the 2 yards today - Gracie is the only one who seems to feel the string of lights is her comfort zone -she lands and perches many times during the day.

Oh, she also loves to sit on the grapes - and she's so tiny, the grapes don't even mind.

We think Georgie's on his mission - yep, to spread the 'good word' and to find a honey of his own.

Who knows, maybe this time next year we'll have great-grand birdies!

Next week-end we are going on a 'road-trip' - me & Mr. B.

We love road-trips!

Driving to Morrison, Colorado to see the kiddos and the grands. DammitAndy's new house with Barb...our senior in Hight School, beautiful Alyssa and our precocious and pretty Emily, who will be turning 8. We'll miss Brian, who is in college in Arizona. But we plan of having a GREAT time!

So, have a great Monday, watch a great movie, hug a great person or furry friend, which I guess could be a man, and hopefully not a woman, (but far be it from me to judge...)

...and be grateful for very day you get to get up smile, and work and love...



Charmingdesigns said...

Have a great trip!! oh! you got me with the thought of a furry I should tell you...I do think of you during the day...when ever I pick up my sweet kitty and give it some lovin'. My mischievous kitties have turned into the sweetest, loving kitties ever! (they still like getting into the pasta bag!)Laurie

Betty said...

Return to Me is one of my very favorites, also. I can actually say most of the lines, I've watched it so many times...water-with a straw! You're gonna have such fun on your trip. Look forward to pictures. Love you and take care.

madrekarin said...

Add me to the Return to Me fan club! L.O.V.E. that movie. :) Watching that would be the perfect end to any weekend.
Hope you have a wonderful trip!!
Oh, you cracked me up with "Georgie's on his mission." lol Who knows, you could have a yard full of hummers next year!!

the old schoolhouse said...

Have a great trip,Hugs and loves ,Angie xx

white o'morn cottage said...

I'll get that one and have a great night in. Love to you all, have a great time on your trip. I LOVE that pic of you up the tree. You are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I guess I missed what has gone on with your brother. I sure hope things are looking up today for you.