Saturday, August 2, 2008

Did somebody

Brandi, Ella's Mommy, used to really like firemen. She was all goggle-eyed over this poor guy when she tagged along with her brother's Cub Scout field trip to the fire station. (notice how happy he looks??)

I remember it well..

Flash forward 29 years and a half a country later...Ella with one of New York's finest...

ahem..of the THE finest....Shhh.

So, I guess it's true what they say - "like Mother - like Daughter"....

Today was "beauty parlor" day for Braxie & Lulu. I always forget to take a "before" picture, so I remembered, and as I was taking the pictures, I was telling them where they were going - You can see the look when it registered "BEAUTY PARLOR aka torture chamber!!!!

We're going where..????

Oh crap...did you hear that Lulu?? The bEauTy PaRLoR!!

The trip home is always a happy one - they are fresh, cool and oh-so-smiley

Yes, that's a and no, we didn't have her hair "crimped" (but it's adorable)

Daddy calms his girl down "we're almost home, Girlie.."

"Really, Dad??"

"Yep, lookie, just down the street.."

Sometimes they're expensive, sometimes their worrisome, sometimes they're a lot of work...

But ALL THE TIME..they are our best friends, our guardian angels, our Little Darlins'..

And we are sooo very lucky to be a part of their lives!

Go hug your dog, or your cat, or your fish, or your hamster or your teddy...just go hug something, will ya??!



Betty said...

Great idea...I'm gonna go hug Duffy and Casey and Lucy and Gus...oh, yeah, and JACK! "They say" (whomever "they" are) that a person needs 8 hugs a day...with Jack and four little fur kids, I get waaaay more than that. Can a person suffer from too many hugs? I don't think so! Love you and see you in SIX days!

Jan said...

As I sit here, I am surrounded by four of my five dogs! I get plenty of puppy hugs! LOL!
Your babies look lovely after their day at the salon!


Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Awe, your babies look so cute after their
haircuts :)

love the fireman pic...I love a man
in uniform too! Ha!



what a couple of sweethearts! they look so clean and shiny...I am thinking I might have to go get me one of those! but my husband is allergic to dogs...bummer.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Many years ago I had a dog named "Fat Cat". Her mother was a Schnizer (sp???) and her Dad was a standard white poodle(the big ones) Fat Cat (she looked like a big old cat when she was a pup) hated the groomer but when she was clipped with her bows and painted toe nail..she walked so proud. I had her for 18 yrs when she died of a heart attack and she always loved how she looked after the trip to the groomer. You post reminded me of thoughts..

Julie said...

I remember how good Lady looked and smelled after a visit to the groomer. Brandy and Penny don't need grooming. I guess that's a good thing - money wise.