Monday, August 18, 2008

Whew....Is it Monday yet??

You know those week-ends where you do so much you kinda want to go back to work?

Well, pretend that you know....humor me....

If you did know, that's what our week-end was like.

Although, it was fun... Jeff & Rachael came over for...uh..not lunch...and not really dinner either.

They had already had lunch and it was too early for dinner and too late for our lunch which we worked through, so when they called we invited them to go eat, and well, they had already had lunch...and it was too early for they said they'd come and watch us eat...

That's odd.
Yeah. I think so too. "Table for 4 please - 2 eater and 2 watchers..."
So they got an order of cheese-garlic bread and a side of Alfredo sauce while me & Mr. B ate our lateluunch/earlydinner.

The only trouble with that is, when it IS time for dinner, you're still too full from lunch.
So whadda ya do?? Have.......................PIE!

Yep, after the whole lunch/dinner thing, we all came back to our house and then decided to go have ...PIE.

But after we got there, we couldn't decide on what pie, so between the 4 of us, ordered 6 pieces of pie. At a whoppingly large cost. The waiter said (afterwords) "you shoulda just ordered one whole pie - it would have been cheaper and you'd have 8 pieces.."

Well, gee "thanks....why didn't WE think of that?? "
Oh yea, we woulda only gotten ONE flavor of pie...what's the fun in that?? So we each ordered a different flavor- then passed around bites.

Yeah, ya gotta love you family to do that ...share germs and all. And ya gotta love pie...

We do. Love pie. And each other.

Anyway, Mr. B and me went thrifting for some items for the back yard. Decided the Wild Wild West was .........brown....Hmmm....a little too brown for our tastes.

So while the theme is still western, we wanted a "splash" of color. And you know my theroy that every room (even outside rooms) need a splash of red..

So we picked up some brown benches and step stool-planter thingies and....painted them bright cherry colors. Because, while it might not be authentic, our Wild-Wild-West is colorful.

And who knows, if Miss Kitty had been asked, maybe Gun Smoke would have had colors too.

Lordie knows, Dale Evens tried to make the west pretty...



Irish Cottage Dreams said...

"table for 2 eaters and 2 watchers". Hahaha!
You are cracking me up here :)


Betty said...

Love the idea of color in your backyard. Did you get the links I sent so you could get your red candy bouncers? Right there in Salt Lake City even! Love your outdoor decor!

white o'morn cottage said...

Love your colours...can't wait to see the finished yard. It's coming up great!