Thursday, August 28, 2008

8 years ago today......

...welcomed the most beautiful little girl into our family.

Emily Amanda..

She is now a beautiful, strong, confident, soccer-playing, ice-skating,swimming, energetic 3rd. grader.

Wow! Time files..

And 'Mr. B and me' will be there for the birthday week-end. Haven't missed too many of these..(it conveniently falls near the Labor Day week-end...)

So this year, we are celebrating her birthday with a private party on Friday night after we arrive. She will later have her "girly-girlfriend" party (other little friends are usually not around on because of the holiday, so Emily has her birthday PARTY the first week-end in September)

This year, they will be going to a "paint-your-plate" place in the mall.

Decorating dinnerware.. huh,,,sounds fun!

Last year, they all went and got manicures. totally F.U.N

Her Mom, my little-grown-up girl, April, has always done really fun and unique things for the birthday parties.

Cakes with Teddy Grahams in bathing suits, frolicking in a jello-blue pool on top of a chocolate cake..sleep-overs, skating parties, you name it.

So, Happy Birthday Emily...G-ma & G-pa love you very much!!



~d said...

You two look like then nicest people EV-AH! For real now.. quit it with your cuteness. It's gross!
I'm just kidding. You two look like people I'm glad to know, even in text form.

And a HAPPY HAPPY sidenote: even though your cute pictuRE MADE ME WEEPY... AGAIN!!!!!!!! WTf? Side: note.

I see myself on that side bar.
I have MADE IT! I can finally rest! I am no longer a dirty little secret! Although I SOOOO enjoyed that status.

I am now complete in the bloggin world!
hAPPY birthday EMILY!

Betty said...

I know you and Mr. B will have a great time in Colorado! I didn't meet Emily, but I did meet April...she is a beautiful person and I just know she'll make Emily's birthday fun. Take care and travel safely.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I have an 8 yr. old is such a cool age..they are not babies but still have that sweetness about them...Emily(love the name) is sooooo cute. Know you will have a ball at the B-day. My 13 yr old grandson will be 14 on September 1 and we are taking him to the "HARD ROCK CAFE"....he is so into music.....they grow up so fast

Jan said...

Happy birthday to Miss Emily! Ah...8 year olds are just precious, aren't they? Have fun with the celebration!

white o'morn cottage said...

Have a ball! Come back soon...Pam