Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A contest! A contest!!

MammaSweetieBird's in a real quandary as to what to name the twins..

So, she said ...."you know, you' ve been doing that blog-thingy for over a year now...and have never had any kind of give-away......what's up with that? "

Well, caught off-guard as I was to be having a conversation about my blogging practices.... in the back yard...with a hummingbird....I had to stop and think...

ThiNk think THInK thinK ThInK..

"Nope. I haven't. What do you suggest....MSB??"
"don't call me's ridiculous..I have a name you know..."

"sorry, MammaSweetieBird...(geesh).."

"which brings me back to that blog of yours..maybe you could have a contest of some sort to help me name the twins"
"hmm.....that could work.....what do you suggest I give out as the 'Prize'..!!??"
“do I have to figure out every thing??..I thought you were the ones with the big 'ol know..all that name calling .."bird-brained” very funny...."

“OK, miss-grumpy-feather-pants - how about your…nest? Yeah….how about that, missy??!!?’

“what’s up with you? Did you get up on the wrong side of the recliner or something? You should try feeding two pointy-beaked hungry-all-the-time babies all day and night!.. And having to buzz those cats from next door…
….what. Elvis, the black one doesn’t have some peanut butter and banana sandwich somewhere he can eat instead of hanging out under the nest , hoping one of the kids will take that “giant leap for Hummingbird-kind“and just fall into his open mouth??”
“OK, OK - talk about hummingbird-hormones - goll…. How about one of those cute birdie plates I got at Gardner Village Saturday?”

“oh, phul-leeze!”. ......a birdie plate…wow.. That’s original…”

“hey, I’m doing this for got any better suggestions???”

“nah….I got nutthin….”

OK, so, well everyone, here’s the deal ..“we" (and I use that term loosely….) need a couple of good names for twin hummingbird-babies. They do not have to be gender-specific
(how does one tell, anyway??) …

Perve… what’s it to you??”
Anyway, I’ll have the rugged & handsome Mr. B choose a winner on Sunday at 6pm MST .. so respond to this …ah..tirade…- and we’ll put your suggestions in the hat….or a ...NEST!!


We’ll post the winner-winner-chicken-dinner (oh, sorry Ophelia) on Monday morning and we can figure out how to get your mailing addy to send it off!
Remember, we need not one, but 2 great hummer names!

Good luck…

"anything you want to add, MammaSweetieBird (aka Miss grumpy-feather-pants)??”
“ nope… I think you just about covered it. Just FYI - Elvis has left the building …ah, the back-yard…”

"Go figure."


~d said...

Oh .. I love me a good contest.

1. Pepe and Le Peux
2. Itsy and Bitsy
3. Burma and Doris (dont' ask)
4. Ricky and Lucy
5. Jack and Jill
6. Moon and Shine
7. Ethel and Fred
8. Rosemary and Thyme

Yee haw!

Charmingdesigns said...

stacey suggests Will and Grace. I love Moon and Shine from above. laurie

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Twitter dee and Twitter dum

Haha! I crack myself up. :)


Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...


the old schoolhouse said...

casper and gambini . A pub i used to go to in dublin city,Finagan and flagherty,One and two so if one flies away you still have two left,boom boom!!! Angie xx

Betty said...

1. Jonathan Livingston Hummingbird and Larry Bird (they may both be males)
2. Teenie and Weenie (in case just one is a male)
3. Poop and Scoop (a tribute to the dogs; also, what birds do is eat and 'process seeds', but not a lot else)
4. Flit and Flutter (either sex could use either name)

Okay, so I'm not the greatest baby-namer around--I haven't had any practice until we adopted our fur kids. Love the idea of a contest. Good luck picking names.

By the way, my word verification today is dumyi...fits, eh?

white o'morn cottage said...

Rattle and Hum
Tinker and Belle
Rags and Muffin
Peaches and Pixie
Molly and Kate
Feather and Fluff
Fancy and Tickle
Yin and Yang
Tiny and Pretty
Sham and Rock

Teacher N Training said...

1. Scarlett & Rhett
2. Bizz & Buzz
3. Robin Hood & Maid Marian
4. Frick & Frack
5. Englebert & Humperdink
6. Pinky & Perky
7. Olive Oyl & Popeye
8. Barney & Fred
9. Sonny & Cher
10. Rocky & Bullwinkle
11. Natasha & Boris

I could do this all day!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh, what a fun about:
Bogey and Bacall
Fred and Ginger
George and Gracie
Frick and Frack


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I just stoped by to say Hi and thank you for visiting me at "Home is where the heart is". What a fun nameing game for the humming birds. I can't wait to have a give away as well someday. Lets see how about;
ByBy & Birdy
Flutter & Fly
Sugar & Spice

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness, I don't need to think of names...Look at all the suggestions you have!! Mine sounds lame now...I was going to say teeny and tiny. That's all. That's more. OK how bout Laverne and Shirley..but that's it because thinking hurts my brain! xxoo, Dawn

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Gary and I just thought of two more we are just having too much fun!
Harry & Sally

Pen Pen said...

Biff and Buff
Bizzy and Dizzy
Helen Hummer and Hilda Hummer
Harry Hummer and Henry Hummer
Coleen and Mr. B :o)

Artsy-Craftsy Merchant said...

I think they should be the surrogate name sake Utah representatives of the Olympics. Perhaps:
Butter & Fly (to honor MichaelPhelps)
Nastasia & Shannon (gymnastics)
Ling & Lang (Beijing)
Que & Nest (the buildings)

Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such cheerful messages! You are a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Okay here I am....I came to do this thang. i prayed really hard lol.I feel most time twins come in male and female. Also most times you have one little sweetie and one that is a bit livleyer ( not a word hehe) but it is for me!
So without further anguish I feel that in life we have our days that are different as well.These names will show the difference of that and also show the speed of the bird.
( DRUM ROLL"?>:{"?>)
1) little girls name should be SUNSHINE.
2) Little boys name should be LIGHTNING.
Hehe whatcha think.
Also come by an get an award I know i left for you my good friend.

Mary said...

Not sure if I'm too late but how about Margie and Rita as in Margarita!! It's all about the summer. LOL!
Thanks Colleen for letting me know about your contest.

madrekarin said...

How on earth can I come up with anything as good as what you already have?! Goodness, such cleverness. :)
Hmmmmm, how about Whisper and Humm?
Silly, I know.