Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being sneaky is not for wimps...or "Can ya hear me now??"

Yeah, that's what I said...I was sneaky. And it's hard work...

Sending emails...calling with reminders...explaining what I wanted...and ..why...

Having an "objective"...doing follow-up...meeting deadlines...

No, I'm not talking about work here....

Nope, I'm talking about Mr. B's surprise birthday greetings...
Yep. Hard work. The sneaky part. Checking emails while looking over my shoulder to see if he was walking by...

Making those late-night long-distance calls...

Having to change the conversations in mid-stream because he came into the room...

Printing pictures out at 2 am....then realizing all the one's you just printed out, as you were slowly dozing off while waiting..had turned a mucky-ucky color because the ink cartridge ran out.

Ever tried to change an ink cartridge in the glow of your computer monitor and the printer's on-button light for the only light source??

I didn't think so.

It's hard work...being sneaky. (But Mr. B's birthday family-photos were TOTALLY worth it!!)
...but I'm just sayin'....

Sooo, at my REAL job today, I was a bit, ah, not-totally-concentrating?

Yeah. That about sums it up. Not reeeealy thinking. The old brain just a little sludgy.

Sleep deprivation and all..not to mention having to remember all the stuff I was being sneaky about..hard, hard work..being sneaky..

So I was a little rum-dumb.

Case in point..

I have the option to listen to headphones while I work (it's a very quiet environment) as long as I can hear the phone and respond accordingly.

Easy, no? One would think so.

So I get these new headphones that are the flip-over-your-ear with a little thingy to hold them on- I can't do the ear buds - the ONLY place I'm small is in ears.

Oh, and my ear-lobes.... pierced earrings stab my head all the time...(another story..) I can't use those cool looking ear buds- and I don't want those 70's big ol honkin' headband ones..

And the phone thingy is wireless and just goes over one ear - I'm right-eared
...and you are..??

Anyway, I have a "system" now...the left ear has the music "one-headphone-thing " workin' - and the right ear has the phone earpiece..and potentially.......the customers.

I'm listening to music... la la la

The phone my right ear...

"Hello- yadda yadda yadda..."

Well, we - the customer in my left ear and I - have to wait while the computer pulls up something in her account... la la la

I apologize "sorry this is taking a minute..the computer is "thinking" la la ..

"Well, at least we have Kenny Chesney to keep us la la"


"this song - dontcha just love it.."

"what song??"

"Oh" sheepishly "you can't hear it, huh?"



For whatever reason, in my sleep-deprived and sneaky-tired mind, I thought she could .....ah.......yeah...hear my music...ah...through my head....

Told ya. being sneaky is hard work.

And, bad for your brain.

Give your brain a rest today...and go listen to Kenny Chesney a your OWN head..

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Sweet Repose said...

I'm a righty too, but when I fall asleep into the keyboard, it is always on the left side...that's a good thing right...zzzzzzzzzzz