Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes, yes, yes, we are proud parents. Mr. B had the lights on last evening as he often does while watering the lawn and “thinking”..

He noticed that MammaSweeiteBird was having a great time plucking little bugs out of the night sky as they were drawn to the bright lights.

He said “She must feel like she’s at an All-You-Can-Eat buffet…”

Can you imagine? ?? Usually they have to fly around looking for “dinner” then try to catch them in mid-air all the while flapping their teesey wings a bazillion times a second..

So now she can be rather picky….

“Oh, that one looks loaded with fat! “ Or “Yum-O! Did you see the size of this entree?

“That’s just what I need – empty calories..like I don’t have enough weight to have to fly a bazillion miles an hour around anyway - by the way...does this nest make my butt look big??”

Or “ Oh no..not that one! Their full of fiber…..last time I ate that I had the “flying-farts” for days – I looked like I was jet propelled – or at least gas powered!” (wonder what a hummingbird fart would sound like?? Ththtthththpppp….

So, she can just sit and keep the wee one warm, quiet and fed. I did notice she leaves every now and then…guess ya just gotta get away from the screaming kid once in a while!

When it was time to go in for the night, Mr. B was concerned because MammaSweetieBird was “out on the town” and it was “light’s out” time…

Yep, she found her way home in the dark….isn’t it amazing what they can do on their own??

Have a flying-fart-free Wednesday

(thanks Dawn, for this great drawing!)



The Feathered Nest said...

You're welcome Colleen! You crack me up!!! I've never thought of hummingbird flatulence!!! too FUNNY!! I wish you get get a photo of the wee one....Mr. B's sweet worrying about mom getting back home ~ xxoo, Dawn

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I'm loving your stories on the Hummingbirds. We have them too but I have never found an occupied nest. Who needs TV when you can watch the nature channel right outside your door :-) Rosie

Betty said...

That noise you made for the hummingbird fart...too perfect! I can just barely hear it! Love ya.

Julie said...

Ha, ha, hummingbird farts. And a flying-fart-free day to you too!