Saturday, July 19, 2008

My son...the famous one...or "Remember, a Cobra is a snake and snake is sneak spelled sideways!"

Yeppers, I have a celebrety..right here in the family.
Jeff, the newlywed (almost one year) answered a call from news. They were asking for people to share stories of decorating their cubicles...then sort of getting in trouble when they did...sort of.

No, it wasn't with anything bad...unless you absolutely hate G.I. Joe - read that right. He decorated his cubicles with G.I. Joe comics, action figures (they ARE NOT dolls, Mother...)

oh, the quote in the title is directly from G.I.Joe.....
Here is the link:

The photo of his cubicle is on the red link at the end of the paragraph - you have to click on the little "cubicles" until you see his name....of G.I.Joe - in the flesh....uh...plastic.

"Action Figures, Action Figures, Action Figures".....

Nah, they're DOLLS....



Betty said...

That is so cool!! Wait, is cool still a cool word to use? Anyhow, I went to the article...Jeff got top billing! Then I saw the pictures and is Rachael handling the return of GI Joe?? Does the collection have a special place in their home again? How in the world did CNN find Jeff's cubicle? I'm just soooo impressed with his celebrity. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

How cool...... nah, they aren't dolls!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

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Mary said...

Colleen, I think your son is much like his mother! Kudos to him for being different and doing his own thing! I loved the movie Office Space too!!! So Cool!