Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'd like to speak to someone from the People-developers committee please.

Yes, the one's that invented people and all the "operating procedures" that accompany them.

I have been thinking about this whole people-process and I actually see some "errors" that they may not be aware of.

Such as teeth. I get the whole thing about getting 2 sets – but the timing is a little off....

You get the first ones about the right time – solid foods and all.

But what's with this loosing them at about 6 years old –then expecting the new ones to last, oh another 80 or so years?

I mean, can you see the problem here? -

how about making the first one's last longer – like about 40 years or so? That way, the new ones wouldn't wear out when you're in your 50's....

Seems like an easy fix to me.

Then there's the puberty thing. OK..stringy hair, braces, acne, glasses, feet two sizes too big, and the ability to produce orders that would rate 'Extreme' on the stink-o-meter...

...oh yeah, a menstrual cycle??? What were you guys thinking?? Spread it out a little, will ya??

And I'm not done. The "all-parts-wearing-out-at-the-same-time" plan. What 's up with that??

Eyes, teeth, hips, lack of calcium-retention, hair follicles, polka dotted skin. Varicose veins and loosing the ability to eat dinner after 4:30???? Are you kidding me??

All easy fixes – these things should have been better planned, people.

It's bad enough that as children, we are constantly reminded when it comes to fashion, 'creativity comes before good taste' ... and I really tried to embrace that with my own children.

But somehow, it looses all it's 'cuteness' when we are in our 'later-years' and we wear plaid polyester pants up to our armpits with a striped bowling shirt and socks with our sandals....

So, in short, I'd like you to re-evaluate the model you are using for people.

It seems to have more flaws than Microsoft's version of Vista........

Kindest regards,




Oh Colleen, I sooo get that. It is about time they fixed "our" model. I am not ready to wear sox with my sandals just yet, nor is my other half.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Betty said...

Love the idea about the teeth...really good thinking on your part! Love ya.

white o'morn cottage said...

Priceless! and so true! How do you think of them?

annette said...

Well what can i say, had never thought of it all like that, but so true, very well said. Thanks for visiting my blog Colleen, nice to meet you too!!Enjoy your day. Annette :0)