Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanna know what's WEIRD??


(every time Brandi used to say that I'd point to her...even now...all the way in New Jersey, if she says that on the phone, she'll pause and say "you're pointing at the phone aren't you??"....and I totally am...)

Isn't that just the VERY best name for a product? I think I will use it as my "most-awfullest-person-swear-word" for when I'm really really mad...

"You are a FUN SUCKER, you are!!"

I have a clock on my desk at work that has run out of battery, so I can't say it ran out of batter-ies...

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to replace the battery - or not.

Right now, it reads it's not digital..but I guess you'd know the because of the whole battery-thing, huh?

I just decided it was PM. It's my clock. I can decide.

So it's PM. Always.

And, I like looking at it all day and seeing 4:37-ish. Almost time to go home.

All day..

Makes me feel better knowing it's almost time to go home.

Even if it's really only 10:32 AM.

Do you have a favorite hour of day?

I do...... Always have....since I was a little kid..

It's 4 o'clock..........PM

School's out and supper's not ready yet.

It's been my favorite hour of day all my life.

Even as a little kid.

Not quite my favorite "time "of day..that would be about 5:30 – 6-ish ...AM

Sky's an azure blue...birds are waking up.... Coffee's brewing....and the kids aren't awake yet.

(they probably are now though. "They" being grown up and all..maybe the grandkids are still asleep.)

I think I may have written about this before...but I really can't remember...

PS – I just looked at a clock I have in the back room - by the back door – it's out of battery too, and it says 4:37 PM!

I kid you not....

Isn't that WEIRD???!!!


PSS - ah - nevermind...I just looked at the clock in the back room - it says 3:37 - oh well, woulda been a wierd thing to write about, huh...

PSS - ok, I'm editing this...and it's 4:38AM!!! So, THAT'S kinda wierd, doncha think?? I guess I leave the post title as-is.


Pen Pen said...

4:30 ish is a very special time for you.... it's in the signs. :o) Our manager was doing a little pep talk a few weeks ago about how even our weakest employees have something to offer. Her example was: Even a broken clock is right two times a day!

Betty said...

Wait...what happened on your holiday? Did you have fun? Did you sleep past 4:38 AM?? What's up? Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Do you have fever honey??? lol im kidding. I always liked 5 when I was young mom had our super ready and it was time to wind down and watch Rifleman.
Now I like about 7 so I can soak and lay in bed and watch T.V. and relax.

Sweet Repose said...

Well, I was just getting ready to turn off the PC for the night and remembered I hadn't had my chuckle for the here I am with a time tale myself, got up at my usual favorite time 5:00am this morning, coffee, computer, blog...then off to get ready for work at my daughters store (I work on Saturdays) get to the store and no money, call my daughter to ask where she hid the stash and she said, why are you there???

Guess I have no battery are dead too...(sucks to get old-er)


Julie said...

Yes, I agree, Kinda weird! Whoever messes with coincidences can't be concerned with daylight savings time so it was 3:37!

My favorite time of day is 7 a.m. in summer. Not too early for a non-early bird like me, but still so fresh and cool.