Thursday, July 10, 2008

I know I’ve told you about my “Adventures in Chicken-Sitting!” and how much I enjoy my talks with Chicker and Ophelia – the Urban Chickens next door?

Well, a sad thing has happened. Chicker went to that big “8-piece bucket with a side of mashed potatoes” in the sky…..

Ophelia has no one to maintain the pecking order with – she’s the only pecker in the coop….

Oh, I am bad..bad bad bad bad bad bad….

They buried her beneath the raspberry bushes... And Ophelia seems to miss her – that really is sad..

Either that or Ophelia really wants to get to the raspberries...

But, they've got 3 eggs to try to incubate into……..chicklets !! ( not from their hen house of course – no roosters here )

Why am I suddenly craving a Denver Omelet??
I digress...
Anyway, Ophelia was and is the “elegant” one.. brains, good looks, great legs!…. Chicker do I put this – a little “slower”.

Would have had to take the short bus..the really short bus..

But she did have a good personality..

I’d toss bread over the fence and Ophelia would almost catch it in mid air. She realized if she came closer to me – her chances were pretty good at getting more.

Chicker would kind of look up – you could see the look in her eyes as she was thinking....

“It’s raining bread – how strange..”

“Hey Ophie “ (she called her Ophie) “did you know it’s raining bread? Did you see any clouds?? Look over here..a whole it.... snow?? It’s kinda piling up…”

Ophelia is the master escape artist. No fence can hold her wall too high for her to jump..

You’d have to almost drag Chicker out..”the door’s they want me to go out?? Is there a cat out there? A dog?? Oh no, it’s raining bread again!!... "

Then, trying to get them back in the coop - well, Ophelia would have nothing to do with it..”just ignore them” was her thing. .''I’ll go in when I’m ready…and I’m not ready …now.."

Chicker..ah yes.. she was easier….drop bread crumbs (the ones from the sky ?? ) on the steps into the hen house and viola! She’ s in there – just as snug as a chicken in a chicken pot pie....

Oh, bad reference – sorry..

Yes, we’ll all miss Chicker. But in 21 days, we should have the triplets to train all over again..I mean, for Ophelia to train…

Let’s see..Chicklet...Chicker 2.0, and Chickler – (she could wear one glove on her wing..and moon-walk in the coop)

'Cause This Is Chickler, Chickler Night
And No One's Gonna Save You From that big ‘ol chicken ‘bout to strike
You Know It's Chickler,
…….Chickler Night

You're Fighting For Your Life and for your dinner …dinner
..Chickler dinner… tonight..



madrekarin said...

Poor Chicker! There, now I can laugh at your post guiltlessly. ;)
Glad that the neighbors are going to replenish their flock. Everyone needs a hen or two (or three or four) in their back yard!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ha!Ha! You are very funny!
I needed a good laugh after all
the hours I have spent cleaning
house...father-in-law is coming.
nuf said.

So how did Chicker die? You can
tell little ol' me. Did the neighbors
eat poor Chicker?


The Feathered Nest said...

Colleen, I know when I come here I'm always going to leave smiling!!! So sorry about the passing of the chicken...looks like you'll have more stories to tell with three babes on the way!! xxoo, Dawn

Betty said...

you oughta go on the stage (no, I don't mean the one out of town). Your story would make a good commercial for KFC, or some similar company. Get people laughing. Or maybe a commercial for beef, since folks will feel sorry for chickens. Anyhow, you surely did make me laugh! Love ya.

Jan said...

Poor Chicker. Off to the big chicken coop in the sky!

Can't wait to hear tales about the new chickies moving in!


Pen Pen said...

Poor Chickie! Hilarious post!

Sweet Repose said...

I soooo have a visual of the dance are a sick woman...I like that in a person...I'm still laughing about the 8 piece bucket in the sky and don't forget the sides.

You made my day oh crazy one!!!

the NUT