Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Every Day in July Especially the Fourth one!

Lasso (Lass-oh!.?..lassue.??..ROPE ! ) that Kathy brought..

So, one set of company left and another arrived!

The incredialbe Mr. B 2.0 arrived with Colette and had a wonderful first evening..

Mr B (the original..) did a great job of cleaning up the construction mess (and it was HUGE) in the carport that we have never used and will never use for a car-port.

This is where the "boys" enjoy their cigars....notice no girls there - we're FAR away!
Let the male-bonding begin!!

I thought I'd post some updates on the yard projects and just some fun ones from aound the house.

"In process"

sings, signs, everywhere a sign...

Photos are easy to come by when your tired...........words...not so much.

Looking up to my art room form the back-room..

The Handsome Mr. B & Me circa 1982

Mr. B in the back between the two shotguns! Me in the front row trying NOT to smile!
circa 1995

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and keep your pets safe - they get so easily stressed with the fireworks!



white o'morn cottage said...

I love all those photos! Thanks for sharing them. Have a fabulous day with your family. Love to you all...Pam

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks for the tour around the homestead. Everything looks great. Have a wonderful 4th!

Betty said...

Those are the cutest photos! I also like all your signs; at least, yours say something other than dogs, dogs, dogs!

Enjoy your 4th and your visit with Colette and Mr. B 2.0 (love that name). Take care.

Scott & Cricket said...

Hi...this is Cricket from Anastasi'as Attice at Gardner Village. I love your blog!!

It was nice meeting you today.
Happy 4th!!


Mary said...

Know you had a great celebration today - probably every day!!!

Love that photo on your header - I'm a shutter-holic!!!!!

Have a super weekend too.

Pen Pen said...

Love your photos... girl, that croissant looks so yummy on that plate!