Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why?? Oh, why???

OK, so when you have company, even family-company, you have a tendency to be on your best-home-behavior, know what I mean?

I mean, it’s like when you haven’t seen a friend for a while and you are totally holding your tummy in? And after a while, you think you’ll just BUST for lack of oxygen?

Yeah, it’s been like that. Not that I’ve been totally holding in my tummy – but that I don’t want a speck of mess to be seen at home.

Not a speck.

Nip. Nada. Zilch. Nuttin’ Honey.

I can’t help myself. I want my sister(s) to think I am as wonderful a homekeepers as they are.

And I’m not.

And, they wouldn’t care….

But I do.

Same with Robert & Colette.

Want them to think I’m wonderful.

Which I am.

Which they know.

But it’s hard to maintain all that wonderfulness for 5 whole days...

Not a dish in the sink. Not a speck of dust on the TV..not a dog toy left behind??

No sooner did a piece of paper land in the garbage than it was a gonner..

Bed made by 6am - they didn’t even arrive until 9 – but I wanted it done.

Poor Mr. B – got up to go potty and when he returned, the bed was made. Lump? What lump? Oh that must be Lulu..sorry Sweetie!

Try to be all smiley when I wanted to say …

“I am such a fraud! I get crabby, my inner child is a brat, I want to sleep late and stay in my jammies for half the day – I don’t wear make-up on the weekends and sometimes I go to bed without washing my face!

I want to read the paper and toss it around my feet – slurp my coffee – dip my cookies.

But, no. Not for them. I wanted to be…..”Martha” when I’m really a “Maxine” at heart..

None of them would care if I did any or all of those things.

Just like I wouldn’t care if they did –

Wait a minute...maybe I would after all...I mean then I could say to Mr. B –

Did you see how RELAXED he was??

Did you notice how much fun they had? Did they enjoy themselves??

I wonder why we put these stringent expectations on ourselves?

I mean, why do we think we have to be perfect when we are so adamant about other’s not needing to be? Are we that self-centered that we think we must be held to a higher standard?


Allrighty then.

Go figure.



white o'morn cottage said...

Yes, yes, I do it too! Running around like a BAF (blue ar***sd fly)Pretending we live in this perfection all the time. I do love to have it all perfect for them when they arrive though and I stand back and admire it. LOL :-)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I can't believe how well you put it--the compulsion or whatever you call it--to appear perfect. It's great that you maintain your sense of humor while killing yourself with extra work;)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

You have just put into words what we all feel! It's 9:30am and I still am in my Jammies ..... my face isn't washed .... and my teeth aren't brushed!!! OK now I better go jump in the shower. I have to be ready after all for a quick trip to VPD's house if needed!!

Betty said...

I just know you make everyone who visits feel so 'at home' they wouldn't even notice if there was dust. I do know what you mean, though. I have a drawer, into which anything on the countertops goes if 'company' is coming. Sometimes, when I just feel like cleaning off the countertop, Jack will see it and say, "Do we have company coming?" I think it all goes back to my mother's admonition..."What would the neighbors think?" I'm trying to get rid of that mindset...I'll let you know if I progress. Love ya.

Sweet Repose said...

You crack me up...isn't it fun to be criminally insane...I mean dust...come on...what choo talkin' bout...


Sarah said...

The funny thing is that they probably do the same thing when you come to visit. Vicious cycle.

Charmingdesigns said...

I love it! have you ever gotten all're sitting there enjoying your company and your looking around to see how it looks(cause it looks so good)..and OH NO!!! A cobweb in the corner...and you cant stop looking at it, wondering how you can get it. LOL

Laurie & Chris said...

Oh my Goodness!! That is just to funny! I feel I do the same thing. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile we have a lot going on right now. Thanks for stopping by a leaving us cooments.Have a good weekend.

Pen Pen said...

hahahaha.....LOVE THIS POST! It is so true! Why do we do this to ourselves? I like the "Martha" and "maxine" comparison!