Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The thing is...... not adjust your TV set..

...what makes us cRaZY one minute can be FuN the next minute...

Yep, computers.

Last night, or more specifically, this morning, a program or drive or device, or thingy, I don't know what "they" are calling it now ..("they" being those wonderful, sweet, kind, understanding, patient, tech-speaking Customer Support people...she says sarcastically...)

..started acting up again. Or would that be "acting out" as in.....stopped working.....or more accurately, went "buh-bye" and disappeared as quickly as it showed up - in a nano-second.

(exact ally how long is a "nano-second" anyway?? Guess I'll have to ask know..."Mork from Ork"??)

....nevermind...(see note above eluding to the lack of sleep...)

However, in all the searching for help, I found something totally unexpected...and fun! (did I mention I am easily distracted??) I have signed up for a thing called Photojo and they send fun ideas, things to do with your camera and pictures, etc. in a newsletter.

Soooooo, here are some fun things to do with your photos and the link to the site that I had fun with at 2:30, and 3:47 and 4:10 this morning!

sketch of Miss Emily

Emily on the screen....

Emee on the wall....

The New Jersey Modern Museum of Ella

Hello Kitty!

Sketch of Ella...

TV star Emily..

So, here's the link:

Have fun!...and if you're up at 3:26am...give me a call..or better yet, send me a message...



Betty said...

I can hardly wait to try in the world you find this stuff is beyond me...but, I love it. Sorry you didn't get much sleep. Maybe you can 'nap' today at work, teehee. Take care.

Jan said...

Sorry you're not sleeping (I know all about not sleeping) but on the bright side look at the cool stuff you're finding online! LOL!
I'll have to check it out!


Sweet Repose said...

What is it with us bloggers and the hours we keep, is it that we don't have enough to do(LOL) in the course of the day...or do we just want to squeeze all the goody out of it we can??? I especially find that if I don't have any groomings the next day, I can work on this silly thing all night. The bummer is, about 2:00 AM, I'm getting a second wind...that is if I'm not recovering from the brain trama from hitting my head on the keyboard.

Later, sharon

April said...

These are cool! I love the pictures of Emily and Ella. How fun. Can't wait to try it out.
Love ya,

white o'morn cottage said...

Love it...especially the one of the sketch. Cool. Love ...Pam

Anonymous said...

You are one funny lady! I'm glad I found your site today. At first I thought you were an amazing artist! How fun!

Kentucky Bound said...

Is that 3:26 mountain time or Eastern time? I'm up most mornings at both times. Love the new picture fun! Thanks for the link.