Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hummingbird Watch - Day 17

OK - this photo has been doctored - the kitties are not really watching our little Hummingbird-Mama - however, the photo of the Hummingbird is OUR Hummingbird!!

So, the cat from next door came over to check out the nest early this morning...

Mr. B was out greeting the morning when "Junior" came over from next door. Junior is a very lovable, friendly, brave, not-scared-of-Lulu cat - which of course drives Lulu the Princess Warrior absolutely mad...(but she was unaware and in the front room with me..)

Anyway, Braxton, who was out with Mr. B ,lovingly welcomes Junior into the yard. Remember, Braxie is the Wal-Mart greeter of ShisTzus...

"Sweetie" Mr. B has named the Hummingbird, started buzzing the cat!

The cat, unscathed and uninterested, just turned away and Sweetie kept buzzing to make serious eye-contact with Junior.

Finally, Mr. B "shooed" Junior back home...and all is well with Sweetie and her nest...

We decided to have the young couple from next door and their boys over for a light lunch. Oh, before I forget, Jenny has written a blog!

Yes..and she's not only a great professional photographer, but a very funny Mom..see for yourself at

Mr. B decided to keep lunch cool - sliced turkey with cranberry-cream cheese, lettuce and tomato on fresh croissants, watermelon, cantaloupe, salad and grapes.

Jenny and the boys made "chocolates" - some with apricots, some with craisins & nuts and some with, of all things, pumpkin seeds. And they were all fabulous! None left to take pictures of, but insert a big, chocolate smile right about here....

paper plates, minimal silverware...

OK, I am having so much fun with that photo-site I made this headline for the Sunday paper....

Have a wonderful, simple, happy week ahead and remember, food doesn't have to be fancy, you don't have to watch anything but what's around you to be entertained, and you can choose to be happy..

Let's all make good choices this week - have a happy, simple, delicious, and entertaining week ahead.



The Feathered Nest said...

Yummmmmm, lunch looks delicious Colleen!! I'm sure it was ~ what a sweet thing for you both to have them over. I hope you have a wonderful week sweetie! xxoo, Dawn

Betty said...

Your food always looks so fresh and your table so inviting! Ooh, ooh, I'll get to see your kitchen in person in just 12 days...isn't that great?? Love ya.

Jan said...

Oh that looks delicious!!! I haven't had breakfast and I'm ready to snag one of those right off the page! LOL!
I hope Sweetie is a good mama to her babies and takes good care of them! And keep that Junior away! : )
Have a great Monday darlin'!


Anonymous said...

Okay Im at work and would like one of each delivered to Mississippi. Please it looks amazing.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Awe, I love hummingbirds :)
When i was young my grandmother
and myself would go on the watch
for them. Every year she had a nest
in your big tree. My grandmother
now shares this tradition with my
daughter...via post but it is still
as special.

hugs ~kimme