Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy.......


Here's Miss Daisy...she is just about the sweetest dog in the world. Mindful, polite, well mannered, quiet and friendly.

Here's Lulu. She, too, is just about the sweetest dog in the world......although... strong-willed, protective, noisy and stand-offish....

Sooo. when the two meet, guess which one was the top dog???

Well, that depends on your definition of "top dog"...if it was the most relaxed, less-stressed, almost zen-like demeanor, most held and loved......

....Braxton would win that one hands down.

Poor Miss Daisy..Lulu's driving her crazy...

Relegated to the back room - afraid of getting Lulu the Princess Warrior upset...

And speaking of driving, when Kathy , Bruce and Miss Daisy left Lake Havasu Arizona yesterday, here's what they left behind....

Yes, that really does say 121 degrees!!

Then a long hot drive in the BACKSEAT...Daisy usually gets the co-pilot position in Bruce's truck - butt in the bear seat...good views....eye-level with all that see her...but in Kathy's car for the very first time, it was the backseat, covered in a blanket to become a no-shed zone..and down so low no one could see her beautiful brown eyes.

And just when she thought it was safe to go into thegrass.....Then she get ushered into a backyard to to come butt to nose with........

(cue the music from "Jaws"...)


(Lulu has never been quite the same trusting little dog since the Pit Bull attack - we can hardly blame her. She's nervous around other dogs, she worries constantly about Braxton and he's the one who required a vet's visit with puncture wounds. Lulu's "scars" run deeper....Braxton is still the "Wal-Mart Greeter"....)

Gifts were given (as they always are when we get together) and laughter and fun was had by all.

Kathy (andBetty!) to me...

And me to Kathy (and Betty...)

Our cute photographer....

Supper was soon served by the lovely Mr. B (I know...he's a keeper). It was quite hot even here, so a cool, heat-free dinner was just the ticket

Before we could even think about it, it was bedtime. I had to go to work and they had to get on the road. Daisy had to get some.....relief.

Poor baby! She was so frightened by Lulu she wouldn't even go upstairs for water - when Kathy realized, she brought the bowl down and Daisy drank the whole thing!


" love you"

" love you too"

"thank you"

"Oh, thank you too"

"drive carefully"

"OK, have a good day at work.."

Miss Daisy - "good bye Braxton..."

Braxton - "good-bye Miss Daisy...I'll miss you..."

Miss Daisy - "ahem..excuse me, Lulu? Good bye Lulu... I.....I love you...."

Lulu - "Yeah. Right. Whatever. I guess you're OK...for a LONG DISTANCE .......go already...."

Oh, God bless us everyone.

PS - Anyone else having ExTReAmE difficulty with Blogspot? This took me about 4 hours to post and it still doesn't show all of the photos ...?


white o'morn cottage said...

Wow! That's sounds like a great visit. Love that gorgeous doggie Pam

Betty said...

I'm so glad you had a good visit with Kathy, Bruce and Daisy! Braxton is so accepting and Lulu is so....tolerant? Would that be a good word?

I'll email you about your question regarding blogspot...funny you should ask today.

Love ya.