Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer re-runs...

..that's all yo see on TV - re-runs.

Sometimes that's OK because maybe you didn't see it the first time, or maybe you were watching the other channel's offering, and wishing you could have seen this one...

So sometimes, re-runs are not soo bad, right??

Well, some of you are new readers and I started this blog a year ago - so I thought it would be funny to see what I was writing about one year ago today...

Here's my re-run...

Monday, July 30, 2007 (apparently, I didn't write one on the 29th...)


Have you ever gone to get something out of the fridge and stood in amazement at what you saw in there?

I mean, it's not like I don't clean my fridge..I do.

I throw away things probably before their time..that is..unless you're talking "condiments"..

Yes, I think I may suffer from a severe case of 'condiment shortage-phobia' or CSP as it is more commonly referred to.

I mean, one never knows what flavor of jam on the toast will be good this morning.

I want a variety. So, every time we go to the store, we see another new and exciting flavor of jam -think "Huckleberry-Pineapple" or "Peach Marmalade" - that would be so good on English muffins!

Hmmm, about the only time we buy English muffins is when we have company and we're not sure of what type of breakfast foods they like.

And why do they call them "muffins" anyway?

OK, so back to the condiments. It's summer here and I think if you've been reading these posts you know it's been hotter that usual.

So we haven't been cooking much. When I say "we", I mean Randy, right? (Remember, I can cook, I just choose not to...)

However, when I go to the fridge, it's full...of WHAT??


3 kinds of BBQ sauce, salad dressings that sounded good when seen in the market, 4 different types of mustard, mayo in glass jars, squeezable containers, low-fat, no-fat, and full of fat.

Pickles, peppers, relishes, compotes, marinades and sauces. But, there's nothing to eat. There's no room for actual food.

So, I open the door, look longingly and all the condiments, think how good they'd taste actually ON something..and decide it's all too confusing and go out and hit a salad bar or steakhouse or a burger joint - anywhere that has FOOD.

My daughter April once found a jar of jelly that was older than her daughter, Alyssa. Which, April soon deducted, (she's the "mathematician" in the family) had to be over 6 years old.
At that time, it meant we had packed and moved across country 2 times with the same jelly.

I was mortified...but, wait, is that Blueberry-Peach Compote??

Does anyone have an English muffin???????????



Connie said...

You're so humorous, sweetpea! Yep, our entire top shelf of fridge is nothing but salad dressings and condiments also!! I think we've tried just about everything single dressing on the face of this earth - some good, some not so good, so why don't we throw them OUT!! Surely no one needs 4 different bottles of Honey Mustard, right?!?! Nuuuuuuuuuu, they sit there taking up "fridge space" till they start turning color! Sheeeesh, what's a chick to do?!?!?!

Betty said...

As you know, Jack is the cook here, also. When he came to my apartment for the first time, he was going to get something to drink. He opened my refrigerator and choked...he wanted to know why the only thing in my 'fridge was a jar of mustard? I told him it was there to keep the light bulb company! Needless to say, our 'fridge now has condiments AND food, thanks to Jack.

Love this post! And you!

Sweet Repose said...

CSP...ahhh, only in America can we have such phobias and get away with it...choice, that is what made us great...not the date on the marmalade.

I'll have to go back and do some rereads here, I'm sure I can use the laughs, o crazy one...


Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I so agree about the reruns..here they show the Beverly Hill billy at 7:00 in the evening...why???Also about the condiments--his salad dressing, my salad dressing, the kid salad dressing. Same with the jelly-1 for the kids, 2 or 3 for Jay..none for me. 2 kids of mustard...3 BBQ....out of control

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Colleen, thank you for making me smile...every time I read one of your posts I am touched...I love the way you look at things in life...you should have a newspaper column!

Thank you for commenting on my new house sign...I'm glad you are inspired to make one of your own!