Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a fun day..

..yesterday was!

The Pampered Chef party was quite a success..our young demonstrator was sweet, kind and very patient with all of your questions and made the most fabulous "Fully Loaded" Baked Potato Soup easily and quickly.
We then ate the soup, along with a beautiful green salad, sliced cheese(s) and crusty French baguette. Yummm-ooo!
Then it was off to the Pumpkin Festival..last year was cold and rainy...this year sunny and HOT..

Grandma Evelyn found her a pumpkin..

The caramel apples were melting the the pumpkin chocolate-chip cooked seemed like they were still warm from the oven..

The kiddos were painted..the table was ready for purchases all to benefit the Gardens..and I even bought 2 of the darling magnets..(yes, the ones I know.. the whole 'shoemaker's children have no shoes' thing..)

Then it was home for a nap..and yes, I took a lazy Saturday afternoon nap and enjoyed it immensely :-)

But, seeing how it was Saturday and all..had to squeeze in a couple of yard sales..after all, winter will be here soon and I won't find them as readily (I probably will still find Estate sales - usually held indoors..I mean.. people do die in the winter..right??) Oh Lordy, I'm..sorry

See the chippy-chair? yes, it was $.50 !
It's perfect for a Guest chair in my art room :-)

So, it was a great day...hopefully you enjoyed and equally brilliant day..

And don't forget, there's still time to enter for the Great DNA give-awyay.. You can center until Oct. 6th ( my favorite day )



Just Breathe said...

I love Pampered Chef. All of your pictures beautiful. Looks like a great (busy) saturday. Love that chair!

Jan said...

LOVE THAT CHAIR TOO!!! What a bargain! And what a feast - looks as though you had a great time and certainly deserved that nap!

white o'morn cottage said...

Love the chippy chair. But my FAVOURITE has to be the little tin and jars.. delightful. Cute little slip too. Well done. Love Pam

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh! Are you going to alter the little tutu and slip??? That chair has the perfect chippiness. What will you fill those wonderfullness of jars?? I love the star too. Oh, yes, you had a wonderful day!!Thank you for liking the charm!

Pearl said...

Oh what fun! Looks wonderful, especially the pampered chef party. I gotta go and see whats in the frig, excuse me.

diane said...

You have so much fun. Good for you.

Mary said...

Can I come and sit on the 50 cent chair, pretty please!
That's a best buy for sure.

All My Yesterdays said...

Love it all and sorry I missed the Punkin time.
Enjoy the chippy chair (O:
There's a story behind that.....
Take care and have fun with your creations.

Julie said...

I dit-nt say nuttin' 'bout your chair. I love it. It's like the chair my grandma had in the kitchen. Instead of her usual brown, it was painted white too. I want one for me.