Friday, September 18, 2009

Have you seen the SWEET art of....

....Artistic Accents by Darla?? Go there. See pretty. Be impressed. Leave happier.

And I was awarded this Premio MeMe by Darla. So, even though I'm supposed to write 7 little known facts about me {haven't I told you guys eVEryThIng?? } I am supposed to pass it along to 7 bloggers.

I love the lot of ya and consider yourself "Awarded"

OK - here goes...

1. I was raised in Arizona..
...not to be confused by the movie Raising Arizona..

..which was not the story of me..

..while I was being ...raised in Arizona.

2. While there, we waised wabbits....uh raised rabbits.

And not know..dinner. For pets. And chocolate chips.

3. One of my most irrational fears is being hit by something invisible..{think Wonder Woman's airplane..} while crossing the street. I know. Irrational..wait..what? Oh, sounded like you mumbled... 'crazy'..

Anyway, even though the plane was invisible...SHE was not. What's up with that? ...

"Oh, here comes some kind of object that I can't see and a costumed woman that I can see is steering it!"

4. Like Darla, I cry easily. Very easily. Sometimes when I'm mad, I cry. And that makes me madder, so I cry more.

And people think I'm a big cry baby when really, I mad as hell*.

5. I never swear. ...Almost. Almost never....

..OK... when I get really mad and I am crying and getting madder, I can swear. I don't...but I could. Sometimes I do. But then I feel really badly.

*hell is not a swear's a destination..just to be clear. See #4

6. I love peanut butter and mayo sandwiches..

... on soft Wonder bread.

If you add a slice of bologna and a leaf of lettuce, I'd love it even more. I know..I know..

7. I used to sell my oil paintings to supplement my wages when I was a single Mom.

Sometimes they weren't even dry. Right off my Father-in-law's restaurant walls.
{the paintings..not the kids..}

Where I waited tables. And met Mr. B. And, no, this is not the's for effect..and, yes, that's one of the paintings I painted...very Bob Ross."happy little trees, happy little clouds" style..

I don't have any of the paintings, but I still have Mr. B

OK, there's a few things you may not have known. Heck ...see? I could totally have sworn (swore? swored?) here!.. anyway,I may have learned a thing or two about me. ..myself...and I?

Have a fun Saturday. We're taking a fall drive up the mountains to Cascade Springs in Utah. Google it. It's pretty...



Just Breathe said...

Have a safe trip. Enjoy yourself.
As always a very enjoyable post.
I use to eat Miracle Whip sandwiches. I am going to have to try the Mayo and Peanut Butter.

diane said...

Enjoy your trip like I enjoyed your post. Love the before and after shots of you and mr B. You were a stunner....and still are. Love your cheeky smile.
Birthday Bear outing tonight.

Charmingdesigns said...

That is so funny about Bob Ross, Stacey mimics him to perfection, she was so young when I watched him on Tv. Enjoy your trip today!

white o'morn cottage said...

What a fab. post! I love the one of you and Mr B in the 80's? where he is looking adoringly at you. Yes he is...
Two lucky people to have found each other. Bless you both. Pam

All My Yesterdays said...

Love the must sing *opera* on the side (O:
And you should paint again.. I thought sure it was one you got from Bob himself! Hope you had a good trip. I'm ready to take a ride up Nebo Loop to see the colors soon.
Keep us smiling..