Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Saturday ....

If you could......

...wouldn't you bounce away the day??

For God so loved the girl...

-author unknown
God made a WORLD
With it's towering trees
MAJESTIC mountains
And restless seas.
Then stopped and said
"It needs one more thing,
Someone to LAUGH
And dance and sing.
To walk in the woods
And GATHER flowers.
To commune with
Nature in quiet hours."

God created GIRLS
With laughing eyes
And bouncing curls.
With JOYFUL hearts
And infectious smiles
Enchanting ways
And FEMININE wiles.
And when He'd
Completed the task
He'd begun,
And proud of the
Job He'd done.
For the world
When SEEN through
A little girl's eyes,
Greatly resembles
Have a bouncy-good Sunday :-)



Jan said...

Just beautiful... the fantastic pictures and the poem.

diane said...

Lovely message and loveley girl and lovely pictures. I might just bounce off to bed as our weekend has finished. I spent the day dressing Birthday Bear for Paul's birthday next Saturday.

All My Yesterdays said...

So true, what would the world do without us sweet little gals!!

Especially the ones who give us such cool posts to start the day(O:

Have a great Sunday yourself...

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Colleen...she's so beautiful!!!!! What a wonderful poem as well...happy Sunday sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

June said...

How precious she is. Made me remember the twins on their bouncy balls. Is there anything like that for sheer fun and joy? Wish they made those bouncers in momma and grandmomma size, don't you?

Laurie said...

I love your post, so innocent and beautiful. I'll take a bouncy ball in size xL please!!

Coleen said...

oooooo...I love this......I think my hubs should read this at our daughters wedding!!!

Heart Hugs,