Thursday, September 10, 2009


What's up with my memory? I am really forgetting things way too much. Oh.. and make tha "Ms. Forgetful" , please...

I used to believe that being "forgetful" about certain things was another way of saying you're just not that interested.. it's not that important..

But lately, I seem to be forgetting even the things that I do think are important...Hmm..

Short-term memory is gone and unless I put things (keys, purse, jewelry watches) in the same designated places, and immediately, I can't remember where I did put them.

And for someone who has thrived in dis-organization my whole life (so far), it's really a bummer.

(now there's a word you don't hear too much anymore..bummer..what's the "now" equivilent of bummer..? )

You'd think this change in brain-power might be a good thing for one as disorganized as me...and probably is, so I can be know ..organized.

..this has nothing to do with this post - just liked the image :-)

I think. Maybe. I dunno. Not so much..Huh...

It's like I don't want to do anything because that might mess up the organization I need to get through my day..

Trying to be systematically organized while being a lazy-butt is not a good thing.

Oh, and I tried the "lists" things..lost the list.

Note to self? Can't find a pen.

I've been calling myself (although I never answer) and leaving cryptic messages ("red thingy tomorrow" or "make the call" ...wha???)

Or I forget to check my a week later when I do check..."Oh yeah! Now I remember, I was supposed to call the doctor and set up an appointment! Oh crap..I forgot to make the call.."

I have to learn to communicate with myself better..but I'm not a good listener..and I can go on and on and on about something..I get bored hearing about me....I'm such a nag..

I know these things can be related to old(er) age. And that really doesn't scare me too much..but what worries me is my brain can only hold so I "release" information I don't think I'll need at the moment...possibly?

But then when I do need it...I can't find it.

And I'm easily distracted.

Important work meeting yesterday..big boss talking..and suddenly I noticed that the lines on his dress shirt all matched u perfectly..the sew on on pocket, the thingy down the front that holds the buttons..and lined up ..perfectly.

And I was wondering how some little lady in some factory somewhere had to have really worked to line that all up and she really did a great job..and all of a sudden I felt so sad for her because probably no one has ever told her all the stuff she does lines up perfectly..and she goes home tired every day and thinks she did something that no one really cares about..

..but the shirt looked so good..and I a cyber high five to some little old lady somewhere in a Van Huesen sweat shop..

..probably with no good benefits package or vacation time off and can't miss work because her husband is waaay old and he sits and smokes a pipe all day while feeding the birds and holding a pig....and she has to come home and clean up the birdie poop..and feed the pig..

Well, now I just feel bad. Oh well..wait a minute..something will pop into my head and I'll feel better..

Gotta go..

have a memorable day..



Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great post again!! I know what you mean about getting distracted :)
It's bad when I can't concentrate on the sermon and start imagining my pastor and his know, doing it! Yikes! I just sit there and wait for the lightning bolt to zap me for evening thinking such things!
Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment♥

debi said...

LOL Great post!

Well, I had a better comment than that but, now I can't remember it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

white o'morn cottage said...

lOVE FROM ....ER...EH ....OH YEAH ME....PAM!

June said...

You make everything magical. I make lists, I call myself, I hang things on the refrigerator where I can't miss them (but I miss them). I tell my little sharp-brained girls that it's from having too much to think about; some things just get crowded out. I'm glad I never forget to come over here and get cheered up...

All My Yesterdays said...

For sure we CAN NOT forget to check in on you for our daily giggles. What a HOOT! Is that an *old(er)* word too, cause I use it a lot. And I think BUMMER is still around, Just with the word DUDE added. At least my kids said *Bummer Dude* all the time. But wait, they're in their 30's now...So I don't know about that...In fact I don't know what I was talking about....
Oh ya, BUMMERS and HOOTS (O:

Take care

Lori R. said...

I make the lists, but usually jot only a few words. My problem is, I am terrible at interpreting the notes!

Laurie said...

Oh I can so relate!! I write notes to myself, but forget where I put them, or forget to write something down and wake up in the night knowing I was supposed to do something the next day and can't remember what. I won't say I'm getting old(er), just that I am getting more child like!

All My Yesterdays said...

Just another thought...

I bought 6 blue bags at Wallyworld so I could stop getting the plastic ones. You know, the *green* thing. And I have them right in the back seat.

Guess who keeps FORGETTING to take them in when she goes to shop.....

Think that fits in with all of the above??? (O:

Pearl said...

Wonderful post Colleen, you always make my day. It's so true what you say, (me's doing the same dance) and I think I will probably go to sleep now but oh crap I have to get up in the morning and work again, or maybe not because I have all these doctor appts schelduled in one day. I'ts 1:35 a.m. so I might as well stay up for my appts or maybe sleep? I dunno. It's all so confusing? I...get distracted and just had a cigarette and now my head is clear. So have a nice day (yawn)I'm going to my appts. now , I think...zzzzzzz

Jan said...

Has anybody told you you should write a book? Maybe you have already! Brilliant stuff!

Sweet Repose said...

What were we talking about...I seem to have forgotten...I have two cell phones, one to call the other when I can't find it...but I can never remember the to be 60(not really)...I think...?