Thursday, September 24, 2009

So, about that GiveAway??

Don't know if any of you remember this, but I work for a DNA company called GeneTree.

Sometimes when I say I work for GeneTree, people think is a clothing store..selling... jeans.. least people who can't spell think that............Genes??...Jeans...??

So anyway, we do DNA testing for deep ancestral lineages and may be able to connect you with possible genetic cousins from around the world. Just think....

"Where Has Your DNA Been?"

  • Discover your recent and ancient origins
  • Find new DNA cousins
  • Verify or disprove suspected relationships
  • Break through genealogy brick walls

We are in partnership with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (try explaining that mouthful on the phones- I had to practice saying it and now can rattle if off quite quickly, thankyouverymuch..)

The realm of DNA testing in genealogy is amazing. One can literally see the migration patterns of your ancestors and how you came to be you. And you may even discover you have some long lost (and hopefully rich and good looking) relatives.

Well, I'd settle for rich..we Irish already have the "good looking" thing down ...hubba hubba..

Anyway, we are going to give one lucky person a free DNA test with all the fun that goes along with our site, !

You can have your family tree listed, photos, new branches for your family to access, contacts of people matching your DNA that may hold valuable insights to your past, and many educational and fun links.

And, you may just get to speak to me in Customer Service..oww yeah! uh-huh, now you're talkin'..

The test can be for a woman to determine her maternal lineage (mtDNA or mitochondrial) or for a man to test his YDNA for the paternal side of the line. ( a man also carries HIS mother's mtDNA and you can choose that test as well..)

...women don't carry the Y chromosome, so we don't have the YDNA markers - only males - passing it from father to son all the way down. Bummer, huh? ..

So, it's your choice!

Well, not that you have a choice in DNA, but you get to choose who in your family gets tested..

That'd be cool to"choose" your DNA.."I'll have some of that Angelina Jolie DNA and a side of Merely Streep, please."

Talk about "Recycled Relatives"...

The kit's value is $179.00 and the rules are simple......

1. Go to and look around (you don't have to join right then...although it's free to join..and well, the price is right..and it's free...did I mention it doesn't cost to join?? allrighty then..)

2. In the comments section of my blog, let me know what your very first impression is...and this is completely honest. We are always on an improvement path and VALUE all feedback. (corporate speak)

As long as it positive..(corporate desire)

..I'm just messin' with ya...tell us how you really feel.

...or to be more exact...not how you feel as in "Gee I have this headache..", more like.. what do you THINK about the it user friendly? Does it make you want to know more? You know..boss-type stuff...for the boss....

( I had Nothing to do with that part, so you won't be hurting my feelings..and you I feel is what it's all about anyway..)

3. If you win the test kit, you must pinky-promise that once your results are in, you will blog about the experience, good or.............?? OK.....just good

That's it! And then, you may be able to say..

Top 10 Reasons to Test Your DNA - David Letterman-style:

10. So you can tell your friends you are now an expert on DNA and have been asked to join the cast of.... CSI: Whereverrr...

Instead of asking "What's your sign?" in a bar, you can say, "What's your haplotype?"

Prove once and for all that you ARE TO related to the Queen of Geneovia , or France, or England, or the Queen of Mean..oh..wait..that was another Queen..probably don't want to be related to her..except at the reading of the will...if you were her dog..her kids? Not so much..

7. So you can prove that your compulsion to buy excessive amounts of shoes IS in your genes, therefore, you are not responsible.

6. The characters in Twilight/True Blood start becoming much more of a plausible theory due to genetic enhancement you are now becoming a believer in.....(that whole "a little bit of knowledge is dangerous" thing..)

5. Resting in the knowledge that no matter how messed up your family is at the Thanksgiving table, is it not due to in-breeding..

4. Becoming more and more confident that geneticists and geno-typers are the un-sung heroes of genetic genealogy..and that they were probably not in the principle's office for screwing around in biology class..and that "genealogist" is just another name for stalker.."we seek dead people..."

3. Can answer the question "What is: Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid" on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader..

2. Will be able to explain the difference between the NRA , DNA and the ATF to crazy Uncle Earl with the plate in his head...

and finally..
{drum roll please.....}


1. To say with complete and utter confidence, that no, you are NOT descended from wolverines...even though you think your family has werewolves.....'cause Colleen in Customer Support said so...(from an actual call today..yeeeah..seriously..)

So don't wait! Enter today and on my 60th birthday on October 6th, (whew! I'm only party evil..) we will randomly choose a winner with a high-tech and extremely expensive, throwing all budgetary consideration to the wind.. drawing out of a bowl in the office lunch room..on the 7th..when I come back from my Chicago birthday present :-)

(no, I'm not actually getting Chicago for my birthday....a trip out there (and back) from my kids and grandkids..)

Have fun! I know I will...

**anyone know of a good tattoo parlor in Chicago? It is my 60th you know...**


diane said...

You sure have an interesting job. I bet you get some funny requests. I checked out the web site. I found it very easy to navigate.However it is not clear if it is just for the American market or for world wide.
Sounds like you are going to have a fun 60th. Don't let Mr B on a motorbike if he is going with you.

WILBO43 said...

I'm glad you enjoy my movies. I would love to send them to you on DVD, unfortunately we use the PAL system here while you in the USA use NTSC and I have no way of converting it, BUT I can send you the soundtrack on CD if you like, just leave your address on my blog as a message (which I will not publish). Thanks once again for your comments. Cheers, Bill.

madrekarin said...

I bet every company wishes that you worked for them!! You are the best PR person ever. :)
I checked out the site and while I found it really very interesting, it was a little creepy, too. You know, the whole "your DNA is out there" thing. It would be cool to see if there is anyone related to me though. Since my dad has exhaustively researched the Kimball side of our family, I would probably choose to do my mom's side and have my DNA tested. Creepy factor aside. ;)

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

How cool! I love stuff like that. I have read a few books on DNA and find it intriguing. So I am off to the site to register. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I won!!


Pen Pen said...

OMG! This is the best giveaway EVER!!! I, myself, got right "giddy" while reading about the DNA testing on the website. Have you had yours tested, being that you work there and all??? And who are your famous kin folks? You know, I'm in the Harvard Nurses Health Study (have been for 20 years) and one time they had me swish and spit... and send the sample to them. I'll just bet my DNA and "markers" are in their file somewhere. :o)

The Texas Woman said...

Great giveaway!! I never win anything but I'd love to win this one!!! Went to the site and loved the graphics. The articles were interesting and the site was well put together. On the blog I'd like to see a tagword index instead/along with the monthly archive. It would serve customers and perspective customers better, I think. Very interesting site!


All My Yesterdays said...

Hey, this is cool! Mom was raised in an orphanage but know's some things about her family. There's a funny story about being related to a famous "Mobster"! Anyway, site is great, interesting and I and even checked out the Affiliate Program...hmmm. So ya, drop my name in the jar (O:
And how fun for your B-Day. We're both turning 60 within a few weeks of each other...mine on Nov 1st, only I don't get to go to Chicago,Paris, Rome, New York or even SLC! Maybe if I win the DNA thingy, I'll find out the Gangster relative left a sack of money from a bank robbery just for me! Oh ya, it won't do that....
Have a fun time in the Windy City and if you find the Tattoo Parlor, take pics!

ancient one said...

I always wanted to know who my ancestors are... sure would like to see if some of the old stories I've heard about are true... I'm heading for your site right away...I sure hope I win!!

ancient one said...

So I took a look at the website. I think it is very user friendly and expains everything wonderfully so even I can understand it. I sure hope I win.

Pearl said...

Youserrr!! Count me in, now i have to go see what geology type tree I am, I'm told I'm a sycamore but I've never believed it! I'm more a weeping willow kind of gal. Anyway I'm blowing on over.
That "Pearl" is so clever"

Pearl said...

ok I'm back!did ya miss me? I love the site it works well for me, I like all them people popping all around. I'm Irish, Scottish, French Canadian Indian, and a whole lot more. A mutt among mutts! So I will join right in.
I kept waiting for you to pop up like one of them thar people and I was soooo disappointed. I know I have some crazy people in my background so this will make it sooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

how fun! oh i love your new header too!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

OMG! Winning something like this would be the best possible thing ever for me!!!!!
My mother's side originates in Oklahoma and she was actually born in L.A. but nobody knows anything! I just found out two years ago that I have some cherokee in me and I had NO clue! Nobody is alive anymore that can answer any questions so this would be TOTALLY FREAKING AMAZING!
I didn't know something like this even existed!!!!!
If I don't win, I know what to ask for for Christmas :) So would we pluck a hair (chunk-o-scalp included) or do we need to bleed something? :)
Have a super weekend and thanks for liking patches! He's my little baby♥

Sweet Repose said...

Funny...I had the same thought of the tattoo on my 60th...and why not...

I've had 3 relatives on both sides of the family do genealogy, I want to know more, but just can't seem to find the time to start...I have to slow down sooner or why am I staring at 3 pieces of furniture in my living room ready to be painted...I think I need a plate in my head...make mine flow blue please...

I'm goin' over to the site...thanks girly...

white o'morn cottage said...

right. I'm off to register. Be it on your own head though...'cos it will surely reveal that you and I are closely related. So there!

...signed...your loving long lost cousin in Ireland..Meself...Pam

Charmingdesigns said...

With the last name of Fred??? Where on earth did they come from?? There were 12 brothers, so quite a few Freds out there...kinda made it hard at "Fred" was my nickname...I guess it could have been worse huh. laurie

Bobbi said...

Oh my are still as funny as ever! It's been about a year since I've played around bloggy land and here you are. Still crackin' me up. Good job.

Patty said...

Oh wow this is the give away of a life time. I would love to win the test. I have been told all my life that we have native american indian blood but have never been able to prove it. I would love to see what the dna shows.
I did take a long look at the site and found it interesting and easy to navigate. I signed up and confirmed my account. I am now adding a family tree.
Thaks so much for the link, and the contest. I hope I win

Julie said...

This subject utterly fascinates me - the idea that not only can we be linked by DNA to recent ancestors, siblings, parents, etc., but that we can forge a link with people from the long-distant past. On my biological father's side of the family, there is a rumor that we are related to Buffalo Bill Cody, going back all the way to his Cody relatives in Ireland. On my mother's side of the family, there is a rumor that we are related to Flora MacDonald, the Scottish Jacobite who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape to France. How I would love to put these rumors to rest, in a positive way. But even more, I would like to know that my Munro ancestors came from Ireland, as it is reputed, and that I am truly Celtic and Nordic. And if more, I would want to know that too.

As a child who did not know her biological father, I am aching to learn all about his side of the family. I am fortunate to have learned about the Norwegian (Rockney) side of his family, but would it somehow be possible to determine which county of Ireland his Irish ancestors, Bridget and John Cody, came from? (With such common names and such sparse information, it is seems almost impossible.)

Unfortunately, I do not have the money to order tests to find out this information, but if I did, I would do so immediately. These days, knowing where I'm from seems to me to be as important - or more - to where I am now.

I am a blogger, and I recently wrote a post about the very few matrilineal generations of women I know about - and the many, many generations that I don't know about - that could link me to my ancestral mother. That would, for me, be a scientific discovery unlike any other. What was the path from Africa to Ireland, Scotland and Norway?

Lori R. said...

Wow Colleen this is really cool! Maybe Al Capone really is related to me! Or Lucille Ball, but I don't have red hair in our family, (actually I just like her and I remember wanting to be in her family). Hey maybe WE really are related (well,,,, probably not). And since I look just like my mom (hey, when did that happen???) I guess I wasn't adopted, but it would still be pretty cool to have that done. So count me in... I'm ready for anything!!
Now, I know why you are the way you are, genes.... that's the ticket!

Manndi said...

awesome giveaway :)

love the top ten list - just look at all the things we can learn from something we can't even see!