Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So, OK, what's really great about Mr. B is...

**Disclaimer...this is NOT us..just in case you were wondering..(I can totally see where you'd be confused..)

..he does all the grocery shopping...and at WalMart...

I have to stop here and ask Mr. B to stop reading this post.....

No, really , stop reading..

I'm serious..avert your eyes..

Look away from the screen, Honey..and go back to doing whatever you were dong before you clicked on my blog this morning...don't you have a meeting scheduled for right about now??

.....tapping foot...

...looking at my cute pink watch with the rhinestones around the face that Kathy got me..

..is he gone?? You're sure??

OK...here's the thing..I'm not good with.....money..

There. I've said it.

"Not good" in the dictionary of me is....

adverb : pronounced knot gud. Definition: understatement of the financial crisis averted only by the diligence and intervention of said husband..

..therefore and here to in..I've put myself on a budget..an stipend of sorts (I just learned that word and I LOVE it!)..an allotment..shall we say...allowance? Sure why not..

My point is, because he shops at WalMart..and because I make the list..you see where I'm going with this?

Uh huh..

red plaid shoes, size 9
cottage cheese
printer ink -color model HP93
E6000 glue
bok choy... (I just made that up - I've never asked for that..)
computer paper

So yeas, I am probably.. sorta...for certain...maybe taking advantage of the situation.

But, my stipend (!) really doesn't go very far..and well..I need money for um..hair cuts and things I can't put on "the list"...and he's really not good at make-up purchases..so I have to do that..

And what's really great is that he brings it to me..and he isn't fooled at all..he's just a great guy.

And without me, he might just be with a totally self-centered demanding non-thankful mean crabby girl.

So.. I saved him.

Good. Then it's a "win-win" right?

Thought so.


..playing the "puppy" card??


shelia said...

i think we may be twins seperated at birth...and our husbands too...they are lucky to have us are'nt they...you made me see the light! :) heheheh

Lori R. said...

If I remember correctly, he brought you home those red plaid shoes!!! Like a true gentleman, he carried those proudly in his basket up to the counter and didn't even flinch as the girl rang them up! He's such a great guy, does he cook too? and now that he is exercising and getting all buff, you better watch it....
Babes (meaning, of the younger age group, not really babies, ya know, hot chicks) may be approaching him in Wallyworld asking him where to find something just to get a glimpse of this cool buff guy carrying red plaid shoes! You just better watch it!!!

diane said...

He's a gem. Hang onto him. But then you're a gem too for taking such good care of him after the accident. Is he fully recovered now? Thanks for the daily laugh.

Jan said...

Thanks for the laugh and the lovely pics. You wake me up in the mornings!

madrekarin said...

That Mr. B sure is a gem! My allowance is much too small as well, only my hubs isn't fooled by my attempts at impinging upon his. ha ha He's much too practical.
You know, you are more like Myrna Loy and William Powell than you think. Their characters had such a great relationship in the Thin Man movies, just like you and Mr. B. :)

The Feathered Nest said...

Sounds like me at Walmart!!!! There's just so much goodness....how can we stop ourselves??? Funny how we complement one another in our marriages ~ wonderful post sweetie!! xxoo, Dawn

Heather said...

lol, sometimes i add things to Nathan's list if he is going somewhere to get something he needs and i know they have something i need, lol. it's supposed to be like that right? LOL!

Betty said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again..Mr. B ROCKS! And, you deserve everything he does for you 'cause you do for him, also. What a great pair.

Love the pics of Lulu and Braxton!

Connie said...

Is Mr. B for loan ? Sounds like a super nice man.

Yes, you do deserve it !

white o'morn cottage said...

WEll he truly is a treasure of a man. Bless him!

Laurie and Chris said...

You would be in trouble if you worked at walmart. I had a hard time when I first started working there and was a cashier and saw all the good deals go through my line. Now I am at the point I just want to leave when my shift is over. We have one shopping day and Chris does the shopping when he can I love that he does it it is so much easier on me. I do make the list though. :)

Karen said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such a great Hubby? I know the feeling and we're truly blessed.

Pearl said...


Pen Pen said...

What a man! I wish my Mr. B would take over the grocery shopping and bring home red shoes and E6000 glue for me! I, unfortunately, bring home the "stuff" and forget half the groceries. LOL

All My Yesterdays said...

HA....Almost makes me think of getting married again...almost.....
Then ....the thought.... f-a-d-e-s..

BUT, so glad you two have each other. That's something that makes my heart swell, knowing some of you have your *Mr Right*

OH, and red plaid shoes to go with em (O:

Julie said...


You are too, too funny. Your dogs look very, very skeptical about your argument. You can't fool a dog, you know!

I, too, have never asked for bok choy. And I am a very, very low maintenance gal.