Saturday, September 12, 2009

(to be read in a sweet Southern accent..) "I depend on the kindness of strangers.."

I don't know if it was Vivian Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire who first uttered the words..

"I depend on the kindness of strangers.."

.. but lately I have been so overwhelmed by.. the kindness of strangers.., actually, not really strangers..

Definition of 'stranger'

    • - unfamiliar person: somebody whom somebody else does not know
    • - newcomer: somebody who is new to a place
    • - outsider: somebody who does not belong to a specific organization or group
I have received some sweet and thoughtful gifts this week..from what some people might dub as strangers..

But I don't feel that they are least not in the true sense of the word.

One is a friend of my sister Kathy's..she knows Kathy well..and she reads my blog.

( Pauline reads..and well Kathy does too, blog..they both know how to read..)

But I have never met her.

(Pauline..I've met Kathy..she's my sister.....)

But I know her. Pauline..and Kathy. And Betty (another friend of my sisters that I was lucky enough to meet in person) speak very highly of Pauline..

They all walk together and all are in a group of friends that support each other, care for each other and, it seems, adopt little sisters... heehee :-)

So I reap the benefits of Kathy's out-going personality by having her share her friends with me..long distance...

(they are all in Lake Havasu Arizona and I'm, well, Lake Havasu....actually, they'e not in Lake Havasu..that's be silly! They live in the city of Lake Havasu..) spell check is having a heck of a time with Lake Havasu...

Anyway..Pauline read where I have started a love affair with fabric..and she just happened to know I use scraps and tid-bits in my newest hobby of fabric collage.

And just look what she sent me..

oh, Cath Kidston called...she wants her fabric back :-)

Can you even believe this fun and exciting box being delivered to YOUR doorstep??!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning...opening and digging and squealing with delight..

ribbons and trims and lace and strips and squares...

..and hankies!!

Be still my heart! ..well, not really..keep beating so I can play with all of this :-)

oh..and not to forget Mr. B...
oh..and not to forget all of you..

And then there's Laurie from

I won her blog giveaway (!) and she sent this too too darling spoon easel with a double-sided hand painted charm..

may I present..side one:
..and with equal gusto, side two:

..and then there's the side view:

..and let's not forget the view from above:

..The End...the tail

..she even decorated the envelope with hand painted roses ♥....

So, as you can see, these ladies are not strangers at all...just good friends I haven't met...YET.

But when I do, it will be more like a reunion that a first time meeting. Of that I'm certain..

Have a friendly, sweet, charming Saturday and know I am sooo very thankful to these women and to all of you who read and laugh and cry right along with me...



diane said...

You are a lucky girl and I'm sure you will have hours of fun with your fabrics. It will be exciting for you if you ever meet your strangers/friends (not strange friends). It is hard to describe bloggy friends, they are not strangers but not face to face friends. We'll have to invent a word for them. (blends, frogs)

Lori R. said...

JACKPOT!!!!! I like how you describe these women, Friends you haven't met yet! I have met soooo many of them in these past 5 months of blogging. I wish I could just travel the US and abroad for a year and meet all these wonderful kindred spirits! That spoon eisle is so precious...

Pen Pen said...

Awesome... love the huge fabric stash. And the spoon easel is absolutely adorable. I've never seen one before. Aren't bloggers the best???

Laurie said...

What a great stash!! And I agree with Lori, I would love to just take off and meet in person all my great blog friends from all over. Have fun with all your great gifts!!

June said...

Oh, the hankies, the hankies! I love old hankies. I associate them with my Great-aunt Ella, who always had one tucked up the sleeve of her cardigan. Her hands were as soft as those cotton hankies, and she made the best chicken and noodles in the world.

The fabric will be wonderful fun!

Just Breathe said...

You have been blessed. What wonderful gifts you received.

Jan said...

Oh, I was excited FOR you just looking at all those wonderful fabrics... and the hankies!! Why is it we LOVE old hankies? Most of us use paper tissues nowadays but there is nothing more romantic than a pretty lace edged or embroidered old fashioned hankie to tuck up your sleeve, in the hem of your bloomers (if you are wearing them that is!) or to pull from your handbag at the appropriate time. (not to be used for blowing the nose, of course!)

WILBO43 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such complementary comments. You think, maybe I should try my luck in hollywood? Cheers, Bill

wendy said...

What beautiful gifts! I bet you cant wait to start using them! have a great weekend.

me said...

Ohhhhh what fun!!!

All My Yesterdays said...

Oh yes, Hankies... and memories of Grama... and how she'd clean my face!

And all the fun you're gonna have!

Kinda tugs at the heart knowing we all have some kind of connection, huh *friend*

Can't wait to see all your little creations now (O: Be sure to share with us...

white o'morn cottage said...

Ahhhh, I am GREEN with envy...Emerald green that is! Gorgeous fabrics...Enjoy 'em. love Pam