Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is a Furs-day night post...

The first...OMG! faces from animals..

Hey...Watch the shell, mister!

Fix me? DO I look broken?

Did you see the size of that monkey's butt?

Yes, I did, now my eyes hurt..make it go away..please someone, make it go away!

{in the voice of Jimmy Durante} "Ach cha.. cha cha cha"

Do not tell me that's where they get chocolate chips from.

What! And I just ATE chocolate chip cookies!!

Ohhh..I'm so telling Mom!


Must. Loose. Weight. Now.

"Whaaf Coofie??" Nomnomnom..

"I am one with the branch..totally Zen..all Fung- Shwaizee not. blow. it."

"Don't chu go lookin' me all upity. I totally saw this on Oprah..uh huh. I be stylin'. Uh huh."

Have a fun Friday and a glorious Labor Day week-end :-)



All My Yesterdays said...

ha ha, love your *sillies*.
been away contemplating changes....
Post is upcoming.
Hope all is great in your world and I'll be here more often.
You have a great weekend also.


diane said...

Hi Colleen,
We're back from our fab trip up north. Just catching up with your posts. I love the tribute to your surprise grand daughter. The furry funnies are good too. I see a feathered one crept in too. Hope you enjoy my pics and stories of our trip.

madrekarin said...

Ahahahaha! Where do you find these pictures?
Hope you have a wonderful holiday. :)

Lori R. said...

I bet you love it when you find pics like this and your story creativity starts flowing. Love the pics.... Have a great weekend, cuz it is FRIDAY!!!!!!

Gaston Studio said...

These were great! You too have a great holiday weekend.

Jan said...

Colleen you just crack me up! Love the captions!
I also loved your previous post! Where DO you find these things?? I've lost 35 lbs since May and can totally relate! Only a BUNCH more to go! Have a great weekend!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great post to start my 3 day weekend! Yeah!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

Heather said...

oh my goodness! "must lose weight" had me rollin' in the chair! and the Zen bird, LOL!

The Texas Woman said...

I'd email you if I could figure out how to. My email is Need to reach out and ask some cancer questions. Thanks for offering to answer them.


Pearl said...

Thanks for the laughter kid!

Laurie said...

You crack my up! Where you come up with the captions for these, it blows me away!!