Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a Saturday...

Whew! It's been a weird..wet..wonderful day here on Main Street.

Started first thing this morning when I went to brush my teeth...

I saw a dove in the, my mouthwash does not have alcohol..

Lookie here and tell me that doesn't look like a dove ..and it was just there..crumpled paper towel..on the counter..looking like.......... a dove.

Oh, you know it does...and I didn't mold it or scrunch it or anyting - it was just ....there..

That has to be a sign, right? I mean, how many of you have had paper towel doves in your bathroom? On a Saturday morning? In May??

Uh huh, didn't think so.

Then I take the pups on their walk and the rain was just starting. We walked past a row of flowering trees and the slight wind blew petals in the air and all over the sidewalk...Spring Confetti!

I felt like Cinderella, or Snow White or what's-her-bucket where every where they walked, blossoms would rain softly was like it was snowing petals!

There we no birds flying overhead with ribbons for my hair, or bunnies running around my feet though..bummer.

Then it was off to the Breast Cancer Survivor's luncheon at Little America.

Wonder where Big America is? Hmm..

Anyway, it was a great time. They even had flowers in little vases (or is it Vahhh-ses??) on the tables with key chains for us all to take home. The Gerber Daisy is real.

They also had a photographer there to take "We're-going-to-beat-this-cancer, wear- fun-hats and-pink-boas-and- act- silly" photos.

I was SOO there.

Came home a did more doodling. I finally found something I can half watch TV and do, without being in another room away from Mr. B and the pups. (kinda like to have them in the same room..)I am totally inspired by Kelly Rae ...

And DudaDaze..

So, that's my day..did you have a great one too? Hope so - and go ahead an have a fun Sunday too.



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a great day you had...I see you can relate with started with my free skin cancer screening where they told me that the spot I was wondering about needs to have a biopsy...and we just lost our health insurance last month due to my hubbiie's job...wish I found a kleenex dove instead! Tomorrow will be better...sorry to vent...

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Gaston Studio said...

Love that you found a dove in your bathroom yesterday; I'd definitely take that as a very good sign.

Also love your angel drawings and your attitude!


diane said...

A dove in the bathroom, its got to be a good omen. We are so lucky that you survived your cancer so that we may enjoy your humorous posts. Love the pics of you in the hat and boa. More great sketches too. You certainly squeeze a lot into your day. We are sanding, scrubbing, sealing and painting our deck this weekend.(aches and pains)

Laurie and Chris said...

What a great day you had. I love your drawings. I love the picture you had taken it is so you. :)

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I love the photo of you! You shine so brightly!
hope you continue to have a wonderful weekend.

much hugs~Kimme

p.s. sent you an email... hope you got it :)

Vee said...

Awww, now you and I would get along famously. I forever "see" things. I think it must help you in your sketching, too. Does it?
Yay for a good day and who wouldn't feel like "what's her bucket" when walking in petal confetti? LOL!

Coleen said...

paper towel doves and petal confetti.....sounds like a great title for a BOOK!!.....and along with your art...yes.....I said ART...!!!!
Heart Hugs,

Coleen the name Ella Ireland.....maybe i will name a faerie that!!

Gaston Studio said...

Left something for you on my post today; hop over and pick it up when you have time.

Heather said...

sounds like a wonderful Saturday full of little surprises. That gerber daisy is gorgeous! love the pics of you in the boa!

Charmingdesigns said...

You are on a roll with your fabulouses angels!!! Love the dove.

Pearl said...

Oh how I wish I could do half as good as you in drawing. I have never been one to draw. I love your faces, keep on drawing.

Karen said...

Didn't know you were a breast cancer survivor. My mom is too....71 years old and cancer-free for over a year. Congratulations on your wonderful attitude....that's what beats it every time, doncha think?

Pen Pen said...

Love your dove! LOL Coleen, you have GOT to turn your drawings into note cards or something. I LOVE THEM!!!

Julie said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. With that dove (yes, definitely a dove) for a sign, you had to have had one.

Betty said...

Yep, that's a dove, for sure! So, how much do you think you can get for it on eBay??

Love your drawings!

Diane Duda said...

Sounds like a great day! Any day that ends with doodlin' can't be half bad. :)