Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can this place BE any more beautiful??

I guess it's in what you're looking at..or for. There is such beauty in the world and when one gets to see it, close and for real, it's just amazing.

Of course I'm speaking about the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, where Bear Creek High School held the 2009 graduation ceremony.
Yes, it has come a long way since gyms and/or football fields!

The climb up was {almost} exhausting..but the view more than made up for it.

Alan, Alyssa's boyfriend, said his soccer team used to practice running up and down the stairs (many many of them) several times.

Well good for you, oh-young-and-strong-one.

I'm just happy I didn't have a heart attack this one time. Cheeky kid. (not really, he was very nice..)
It almost took out Gerri and I when we went for coffee - from where we were sitting, up with the eagles and clouds, it really didn't look that far down.. and DOWN wasn't the problem..

...up was. We huffed and puffed and still looked as though we were going to croak right there on the stone steps..

But we didn't. And we then worked up quite an appetite for the Thai food we had as a group (everyone, not just Gerri and I..although we probably could be classified as a ...group..well, not so much anymore. She's lost a ton (not really a ton per se) and what's really maddening is that she's NOT trying. Well, she's trying my nerves, but you know how that goes.)
So she's all tanned ................and she colors her hair.................and I'm like all pale and have white hair...

April said we looked like "Barbie and a Telle-Tubby"...guess which one I was...

Yeeeeah..she used to be sooo smart....what happened?

When she noticed the audible gasp {!} and the look of sheer horror on my face (yep, the pale one..with the hair to match)..she explained that what she meant to say is the Telle-Tubbies are all ONE COLOR..and because I was so ..ah...all one color-ish.....

Oh, yeah, like that's better..

"Couldn't you just say 'Barbie and Snow White' ?? What part of "Telle-Tubby" did you think I would NOT like??"

"Duh...?? Snow White has dark hair.."

"OK, OK.."Snow White...The Later Years.."

Oh joy, I can order new clothes:
Have a great tomorrow and who knows, maybe you'll be compared to a celebrity...

"Watch out.... the Tubb-inator is on her way to visit..."

Bwaahaaaaa..(evil laugh - TeleTubby style)



debi @ life in my studio said...

What a beautiful place to hold a graduation ceremony!

Altered Glass said...

you just are too funny!!! But the pics of Red Rock are spectacular.. thanks for sharing them.

Pearl said...

Talk about beautiful pictures! The graduation site was tops! You and your sis look so happy. Glad to have your sense of humor back. Now that I've had my Collen fix.

Lucy said...

The older I get the more I wish we would have stayed in Denver. We lived in Lakewood. Red Rocks still looks the same. If there was a way to go back there, I would.

Heather said...

what a gorgeous place! the climb would have killed me too! lol

Betty said...

You and Gerri look great! And, don't let Alyssa tell you otherwise (I know she didn't mean it THAT way...haha).

I met a woman at the dog park yesterday who said she was at Red Rocks this past weekend for a grad. ceremony...but, the name of the school isn't the same as you mentioned. Must have lots of ceremonies there, I expect.

Thanks for the pics and the fun post.

Karen said...

Wow....so different from anything I 've ever seen in New England. I gotta get out more.

Vee said...

:D You're so funny! Yes, that is a beautiful location. What a memorable graduation it must've been. (The bus trip? Did it happen?)

Laurie and Chris said...

Oh my goodness!! That place is amazing!! I would have taken tons of pictures!!

mnl said...

Oh how funny........I now know what we're going to be for Hallloween! Beautiful photos. Martha

diane said...

What a fabulous place for a natural amphitheatre. It must have been spectacular. Most views like that need effort if on two legs and not wheels. You did well. I have to be careful coming here to read your funnies it hurts my tummy to laugh. I actually prefer the white telly tubby with the beautiful skin.