Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey - it's 627th post!

{that's a random number, huh?}

ByHowdy - ..I used to talk a lot, now I blog a lot!

"There was a good Queen Blog-a-Lot,

She likes to sing and dance-a-lot.."


Well, this may not be momentous , or history-making, or even blog-worthy, but I think it calls for ................

{dRuM RoLL pLeaSe....}

A give-away!

(actually, this was not my ingenious idea, but was mentioned in the comments..see, I do read them..thankyouverymuch, PenPen..)

So, on this coming Sunday, Mr. B will be drawing a winner for the comment to this post..(yes, Honey, I will need your help, OK? Besides, it's Mother's Day and you have to be nice to me.......whaddaya mean I'm not YOUR Mother?!)

And the "give-away" itself??

A Weally-Wonderful-Wearable-Washer necklace! And maybe some other yet to be decided goodies ..don't want to be skimpy, ya know....

So, you don't have to name anything, or write an essay, or send money or forward to 15 friends in the next 9 minutes or apply for a loan or a job or college...

Don't have to mail in cereal box tops or send money to the poor ..although that would be a nice thing do to..the money for the poor, not the box tops..what would the poor do with box tops anyway??

..just post a comment...

Include you blood type and your Mother's maiden names, the history of you surname, your pet's name and what your children want to be when they grow up, your Mother-in-law's Facebook name and your DNA markers..void where prohibited by law, not valid is states starting with the letter "Q", must be 18 years old to vote and have a valid pilot's license to enter.

Side effect may include, but not limited to: ringing in your ears, extreme boredom, fallen arches, flatulence, nearsightedness, belly-aches, loss of eyebrows, dripping nose, and loss of molars witha slight feeling of superiority.

Taxes, registration and license fees not included. Shipping and handling fees amount to 100 time the actual cost of the product.

"Operators are standing by" (actually sitting..well, one's standing..)


Always wanted to write all that small print now I have..

One more check off the old Bucket List!

So, leave a comment, tell me what color(s) you like and in you'll find out who wins in Sunday's post (in the evening..)

This is gunna be fun ! :-)



Joyce said...

Oooh, oooh me, me..... (raising my hand~waving it madly) I wanna be in the drawing purty pleeze...
thanks so much for the cool giveaway Colleen! My favorite color is pink!

debi @ life in my studio said...

Oh, Colleen, you crack me up! I love reading your blog...always something fun!
My fave color is pink.

diane said...

Me me me me pick me, puleeeese!
He heheheheh you are so funny in every post. My favourite colour is blue but I don't know how to make a small print here so you have to imagine . ( seriously don't try to send anything here it WILL cost you too much)

Cat said...

Hi Utah Grammie!

Great post number 627!

Your washer necklaces are terrific! I'd be tickled to be picked for one!

Colors...Orange! Or Red! Or Purple!

Lovin' this weather in Utah!

Heather said...

wow 627 posts! that is a lot to say! yay for the give-away. the washer necklace was my favorite! please enter me to win!

Gaston Studio said...

Okay, you almost made me spit out my coffee when I saw that number!

LOL, your disclaimers are hysterical!

Blue is my favorite color and I love your blog. Just a little sucki' up there.


Vee said...

It's laugh out loud time every time I read your post. That final sign and all the fine print. My favorite color is yellow...

Congrats on this sterling moment...627 posts! Wow! (So 600 went sailing right on by, eh?)

Betty said...

Blue, blue, blue.

Can I finish your poem?

She ran away with Lancealot;
He's OLD, he pees his pants-a-lot!

Hope that doesn't offend anyone..haha.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Congrats on your 627th post! Hurray!!!
I have loved reading your blog and wish
you another 627th posts!

Count me in! I don't care what color as
long as it is made by you :)


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Colleen,

Wonderful, Wonderful. I love blue, red, yellow.
Count me in.

Have a great day,

madrekarin said...

Well, congratulations on your 627th post. How do you do it, keeping us laughing and smiling and sometimes shaking our heads every single day? Happy, happy, that's what I am when I stop by to visit. :) Count me in on your giveaway.
Oh, and my favorite color? Green. No, Red. No, Robin's Egg Blue. No, Cocoa. Whatever.

Pen Pen said...

Oh, pick me... pick me! I don't care what color it is... really! You are definitely the queen blogger.

Charmingdesigns said...

I am scared of the side effects...hope I'll be Light Blue for me!!! Thank you dear friend for giving me a blog to read everyday and making me smile. Laurie

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Oh yes....I would be so honored to be,blue, or blue! 627 smiles you have given us! Someday we will have to do a hook up for lunch!

Laurie said...

You're a riot, and my favorite color is yellow! I'd love to win but even if I don't, your refreshing, hilarious sense of humor is winner enough for me!

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love you Colleen! I'm so glad you blog, you always make me smile dear friend!!!! I'm wishing you many, many more posts ahead....and would LOVE to win anything from you! hugs and love, Dawn

marie said...

What a fun post ~ and your 627th post is an excellent one to celebrate!

I would love to be included in your drawing!

Thanks so much.

PS. I LOVE your haircut!!

Pearl said...

That's a lot of posting! Congrats, Now for the good stuff. I MUST WIN!!! ME PICK ME!! Love blue and pink.