Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wanna trademark...

...you know, something you're known for..like a fragrance ....or a style ..

I once thought I had a signature fragrance..Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. What a dumb name...Youth Dew......not Estee Lauder..although 'spell check' thinks "Estee" is a dumb name.

Youth Dew sounds like pre-adolescent perspiration. Or worse yet, baby pee.

But I LOVED the smell. And it made it really easy at Christmas or birthdays - everyone just got me some version of the perfume. Cologne, actually. Perfume was (and is still) waaaay too expensive.

But people would comment that they knew it was me by the fragrance..or that they smelled it somewhere and it reminded them of ...me..


Yep, until I was in a line at an Einstein's Bagels and this young twittery-you tube-facebook-type girl said,

"Oh! You smell just like my......GRANDMOTHER! And , oh, I need to call her..." and she left..

..the line!

When I think of old people, you know, Grandmother types, I think of moth-balls. Or Ben Gay..not Estee Lauder Youth Dew..but I haven't really worn it much since then.

Call me fickle.

So, OK, some of you may be thinking my gravity-defying-spiky-short-white-hair could be my trademark..

Not so much. I mean, should I ever decide to go completely 80's with the appropriately proportioned height-to-width ratio of Ozone-popping- lacquered hair and dig out my forehead-hugging-rainbow-headbands, then I'd be out of luck with the whole "trademark" thing....

{yeeeeah..originality was not my strong point.but, hey, I was h.o.t.}

No, this should be something more...stable. Hmm....Maybe I'll start wearing 2 different colored Crocs...

Or, hey, a pearl necklace! Yeah - that's it! I LOVE the pearl necklace earrings that Jeff & Rachael got me.

And I can channel my inner-Barbara Bush..

And, oh, I can wear them all the time..like with my favorite "man-sized" T-shirts with the jeans that are fastly becoming too long..(am I growing shorter? Or is it that I am loosing the need to the material to go around that much girth?..I'd like to think the latter...)

Gardening? Got pearls. Cooking? Yep, they're there! Walking the dogs? Absolutely!

Eating? Well, Ye.....ahhh......maybe not so much.

I mean, when I put my glasses on one of those leashes that allow them to hang down and attempt to eat, I find the "shelf" they have created is a perfect catching place for chunks of the Pineapple Salsa from my lunch...or the errant shreds of my shredded wheat.

Can you imagine pearls with a touch of mustard ? A drip of spaghetti sauce? A slice of black olive?

Me neither..

Back to the ol' drawing board...

So what is it that make you YOU? What can someone mention and your name automatically pops into their heads?

Lemme know.


"Peace Out" no wait, that's Ryan Secrest. " G'night and God bless"...naw, Red Skelton.

Hmmm.....(scratching chin..)

"Later.." well, that's just lame.




Laurie said...

What great food for thought!(Or for your pearls) You're a riot!! Still rooting for your book!

diane said...

Hey you were a good looker. Sorrree you ARE a good looker.Your trade mark is your hair and your sense of humour.. Everyone associates me with white hair.
Our English language is funny. Your last commenter uses a word we wouldn't dare to use. In Oz r@*!ing means the same as f@*!ing.

Heather said...

love that picture of you! i totally like the idea of wearing pearls everywhere!

Betty said...

Your 'inner Barbara Bush'???

What an enjoyable post! Youth Dew was a really big deal when I was wearing perfume, too. Don't wear it now, unless I'll be away from home. Research says it is annoying to dogs' noses; and, I have plenty of those around!

What makes me ME? Dog shirts. Almost all my tshirts have pictures of dogs, sayings of dogs, one even has huge paw prints all over it. Yep, say 'dog shirt' and someone will mention my name. (That's SHIRT, not a shorter word..ha.)

Vee said...

You were and are beautiful and so funny. So you gave up the perfume because it reminded some little chickie that you didn't even know of her grandmother? Hmmm...that's as good a reason as any. Perhaps I need to give up my White Linen by said perfume maker. I don't know how to spell Estee.

What am I known for? Gosh what a question. I'm really thinking and I can't come up with a thing...must ask others for help. I know that my kids used to say "red alert" a lot, which meant that mother was about to lose her stack. Perhaps that's it.

Pen Pen said...

Just last week, I was wearing a pretty little summer plaid skirt and flip flops while I was out shopping. The very young cashier told me she liked my skirt. I told her thank you. She then went on to say that she was looking at something like it while recently shopping with her boyfriend. He told her she wasn't ready to be a "grandma" yet, so she didn't buy one. What a compliment, huh?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You are so funny....loved your post!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

debi @ life in my studio said...

Great post! Your trademark could be your originality and creativity when it comes to blog posts that are fun for the reader!

white o'morn cottage said...

Another cracker! I have not been able to get on to read all my fav blogs recently. I have to stop reading yours as I just found out that one CAN overdose on laughing and I am afraid of wetting meself!