Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just when did they steal our hearts so fully??

As we head off for our Colorado adventure, we leave behind two of the most loved dogs - in our world anyway.
[Grammie and Graduate - 2 summers ago..}
Braxton & Lulu

Grandma Evelyn will be home from San Diego early tomorrow evening, so it's not like they'll be alone...

They'll go on their morning walk with us and we'll leave like we do every work-day..

Jenny from next door will let them out in the afternoon so they can potty and look in on her chickens..and Rachael & Jeff will bring Grandma home from the airport and Jeff will give them their evening walk..

..but we'll be without them.

When did this happen? How did 2 11-pound pups kiss, snuggle, and love their way into our hearts so big that it actually causes us pain to leave them?

It's not that hard leaving family - I mean, yes, in our hearts of course it always will be, but these two don't understand "we'll be home in a couple of days - make yourself comfortable and don't have a party while we're gone, OK?"

Lulu doesn't travel well and I think driving makes Braxton a little woozy. And he only has his learner's permit anyway..

OK, being a passenger makes him woozy..

Lulu stresses terribly and we don't want to drug her all up - that can't be good for them. I, on the other hand, will take whatever I can get...

Besides, April has 2 very loved and bigger dogs and ever since the pit-bull attack, Lulu has not been the same around other dogs. Not only is she terribly upset, she gets the mind-set to "attack before being attacked" and that makes it miserable for everyone and nerve shattering to her - so we don't take the chance.

If we had a motor home it wouldn't be sooo bad, but until that time, they must stay home. Or we must stay home..can you see the conflict??

We left them a couple of times in different kennels and we were crazy-worried the whole time.

Once we picked them up along with a much peed-on blanket they had in their "pen" and another time we just were never sure how they were treated although we did take a tour of the place prior to letting them stay. They were supposed to be groomed at the same time and they weren't. That kind of thing makes you wonder what else they forgot to do for them!?

So, yes, way looking forward to the trip, seeing the kiddos and the grands, visiting beautiful Morrison, Colorado (Alyssa's graduation is early Thursday morning at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison..)

But a part of us will be wondering of Lulu is barking at the mailman, or if Braxton is wanting to play with his squeaky mouse...

If they're looking out the windows at 5:30 to see the big white truck or Mommy's Silver Pearl drive up..

Grandma is the best of all babysitters for them, but she does live downstairs and actually has a life..we can't ask her to just be at their beck-and-call (like we are, you say??) every minute.

We do know she'll spoil them, take them on their walks, give them lots of "cookies"... and we'll have fun and when we get back they will forgive us for ever going away. Lulu will do her best Tibetan Scream (really - they do that..)

....and get soo excited and Braxton will practically crawl up into my arms..

And they'll have the whole day Monday to be our center of attention...

Yes, they've stolen our hearts...and I do believe it was the very minute we looked into their trusting, loving eyes.

Well, now I'm all verklempt...

(Verklempt (adj) รข€” choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way; stuck) farklempt, ferklempt Too emotional to talk. Ready to cry.)

get me a tissue so I can give you the Pineapple Pecan cake recipe...

( ohh, I think I like "ferklempt - reminds me of Spartan Farkles..another story..)

OK - Pineapple Pecan Cake (or Dorothy Blevin's Cake - no I don't know who she was, but when I got this recipe in Texas, that's what they called it...)

2 C flour

1 3/4 C sugar

1 teas baking soda

2/3 C chopped pecans

1 teas vanilla

1 20 oz. can crushed pineapple DO NOT DRAIN -

{ Yes, I do realize this cake has no eggs or oil - trust me - this IS the correct recipe..)

Spray a cake pan with PAM - mix all ingredients in a bowl - pour into pan and bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 degrees

Cream Cheese Frosting:

1 8-oz block softened cream cheese
1 stick real butter, softened
2 C powdered sugar

Mix cheese and butter until very smooth and creams - them mix it some more to be sure - add sugar and whip until light and yummy (you have to taste this several times at this step to be very certain..) Frost cake while still warm - put cake in Fridge..

Can't say how long this will last - we never seem to get past the first 2 days...

Enjoy :-)

Will be taking the next few days off from blogging - don't forget about me! :-(

I'll be back on Monday with pictures and fun from the trip..that is..after we get totally puppy-faced!

Have a safe and fun week-end!



Vee said...

Happy Trails and don't worry about the pups...they'll do great. And you'll be fine, too.

Betty said...

Well, you made me cry! Of course, they will miss you terribly as you will miss them. Fortunately, I don't think furkids have much sense of time; so, they may think you were only gone for a day. I'm sure they will be just so excited when you return!

I'm going to try your cake recipe once more; last time, I don't think I let it cool enough before I put on the frosting...that was a big WHOOPS! It was delicious, but not so pretty.

Have a wonderful trip; hug everyone for me.

Gaston Studio said...

They'll be well taken care of, you've seen to that! I take my little 11 lb with me and she has her own car booster seat so she can see everything!

Laurie said...

Have a great time! The coming home welcome will make the leaving worth it! I had to leave my dogs and cat with my husband for 2 weeks while I went to visit my son, and the reaction when I came home made it all worth while!

Pen Pen said...

This makes me sad. :o( I love my dogs so much, I just can't bear to leave them. It's to the point that if they can't go, then I don't go. Isn't that crazy??? Have fun!

Pearl said...

My two boys stay with my son, and from the sounds of my secret weapon (5yr.old granddaughter) they take better care of them then I do?? They will be fine, we will all blog to them each day. kitchy kitchy coo.

debi @ life in my studio said...

It's funny how we fall so in love with those little creatures, isn't it. I'm away from home, staying with my dad again, and when I talked to hubby tonight, he said my Molly is moping around the house...all sad, and looking for me. Oh, I miss her.
Have a wonderful trip.

Sweet Repose said...

Wait...don't go...Spartan Farkles...

I know what you mean, my heathen rules too...don't you wonder what goes through their minds when you're gone...trouble, in Scratchy's case...ha!

Have a safe and fun trip, see ya later...

diane said...

Your posts are rarely glum, but I can see how much you love your pets and how much you must worry about them but as everyone says they will miss you, be cared for, and still love you when you return.
I have been catching up on your blog as I've been out of it for a few days as a doctor decided to cut me open and take out an ovarian cyst. Ouch! I didn't like it much!

diane said...

I forgot to mention that it is fine for you to use the bear idea for your family. We got the idea and the bear from a lady who uses one in their family. I have made a new blog just for Birthday Bear. He/she is very happy to have his/her own blog. He/she doesn't even mind being a cross dresser.You can get to Birthday Bear Blog from my sidebar.

white o'morn cottage said...

Way too cute ...those pair. Have a great trip.

Julie said...

Whenever I hear the word verklempt I think of Mike Meyers imitating his mother-in-law.

Oh, those cute pups. I'm glad they were well taken care of over the weekend.

Julie said...

Whenever I hear the word verklempt I think of Mike Meyers imitating his mother-in-law.

Oh, those cute pups. I'm glad they were well taken care of over the weekend.