Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. B is One Hot Tamale....

No, this is not THAT kind of blog tonight...You know, cooking Mexican food??

What I mean is Mr. B radiates heat...temperature wise. You can stand or sit near him and actually feel the heat.

And, I guess some of that heat radiates inside as well because he's always hot...therefore, we have already had the air conditioner running this year.

I have been in my long pants, T-shirt, socks and a's really too warm for hat to be worn I have to get dressed to come... in...and take off my layers to go ..out?

{even the stuffed animals had to dress warmly..}

I thinks the pups are cold too. Sleeping curled up in a little ball..might have to get out their doggie-sweaters..

Yep. Guess I shouldn't complain..after all, you burn more calories trying to stay warm...I must have burned a gazillion just today!

Well, it was just an ordinary day on Main Street - some yard work,

{I bought a little head-bandanna, but I still didn't look this cute..}

some housework, laundry (and all the folding..."underwear- origami")

.. and lots of laughs with Mr. B and the kind of day!

Hope yours was all you wanted it to be as well. For now, we'll say ..

"good night- sleep tight.."

-me {and Braxie}


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Well it's great to have your hubby as a "heater" in the winter...but the summer may be tough...brrrr

Stay Cool & Cozy, Carrie

diane said...

Well you have one hot sort there. My friend's husband is like that and se complains about the aircon keeping her awake at night.
Have just caught up with your funny posts after being away for a few days. You're doin' well with the weight loss. It wasn't easy for me in a hotel with delicious meals.

loron said...

:) i subscribe to the first coment

Sweet Repose said...

Good Sunday morning, oh crazy 'X' was the same way, though he was way too cheap to turn on the air, but he did radiate. Is it ever gonna be warm again?????

38 degrees here on my front porch this morning, Scratchy is curled up in a ball by her 'lookout' chair and not making a move...the veggies in my garden are screaming 'WHATEVER' and my iris aren't even we need to call someone...? SNORT SNORT...I can just hear you on the phone, the visuals of Lily brought back some hilarious moments...aren't you glad that this was the kind of 'reality show' we were exposed to in our youth...what simple slapstick fun was had, too bad it's gone!

Have a wonderfully, warm Sunday friend!

Vee said...

You're losing weight! One feels so chilled sometimes when losing weight. Sounds as if lots of snuggle time is in order...

Laurie and Chris said...

BRRR!! We haven't even put our air conitioners in yet. Stay warm!!

Heather said...

lol, i'm the same as Mr B.! my husband freezes while I'm sweating to death, lol. My AC comes on early in the season and stays on late into the fall season. Sometimes my AC is still on in November! Thankfully Ella is just like me so she likes the cold, lol.

Gaston Studio said...

Had that problem as well but thankfully, it's (and he) is in the past. Feel for the pups tho, you should buy them some cute summer weight sweaters for inside!

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Karen said...

I call my hubby the "space heater". Love having him to warm the bed in winter....In summer I love havin the AC on anyway.

Brenda Eason said...

My hubby keeps it so cold we stay under covers here. I hate the electric bill. Now I do have to have it cool to sleep.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

You had to go and mention Tamales! Oh how I love them! No luck getting any out here in Germany. Ah well!