Monday, May 4, 2009

My sister Kathy wants me to write a book...

{Images by one of my favorites - Jessie Wilcox Smith}

..she enjoys reading my silly little blogs and I appreciate her thinking so much of them.

I really do. When I'm late or don't write at all, she misses me..uh..them.

And Jane from Gaston Studio suggested a title for my book..."Paper Towel Doves and Spring Confetti"-

I like that. And think I'd a subtitle.. and Have a Happy Childhood...Anytime !

So I'm wondering if a book has ever had it's chapter titles written before any actual chapters? I was thinking..

Paper Towel Doves and Spring Confetti-or Have a Happy Childhood...Anytime!

Mr. B's Wife
aka -me

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Alarm CLocks & Puppy Dog Kisses

Chapter Two: Confessions of a Fluffer

Chapter Three: Facts Are Optional

Chapter Four: Some Things are Meant to Jiggle

Chapter Five: Unorganized Weather

Chapter Six: Recipe for an Irish-Puerto Rican Cheese Ball

Chapter Seven: Kindergarten Cowboy

Chapter Eight: Bad Dogs, BooBoos and Band-Aids

Chapter Nine: Eggs Pagenine (pronounced "pag a neeeneee")

Chapter Ten: Yard Sales & History Lessons

Now, all I have to do is write stuff, huh? And maybe go on a book tour..and on Oprah..and, oh dear..I'd have to get new shoes...and I really want a cute messenger bag that looks kinda Cath Kidson rather than Old Navy...but I want a tour bus 'cos I really don't want to fly anymore..

..and that way Mr. B could come along and make his "Mr. B's Veggies" for me on our cute little-bitty stove that would be propane 'cos natural gas is hard to hook up and he really doesn't like to cook on electric..and the insides would be all 50's retro..with oil cloth table cloths and tie-back curtains..and a red toaster.

..but the pups could come along and Braxton can be "arm-candy" and Lulu my bodygard..

They could stop by the "World's Funniest Animals" and be all cutesy..and I'd get to meet Mario and see if his dimples are really that cute or if he's had dimple-implants..

...then we'd go to New York City, Mr. B and me and Braxton & Lulu, and we'd stop by New Jersey and pick up Brandi & Ella, then we'd be...

Six in the City...
The Movie

And they'd ask Mr. B to come and make his Mr. B's Veggies for Paula Dean (when we got to the South. Keep up..)

She'd try TRY to add butter..(buddah...In Jersey..buuuder in Georgia) but the crazy-fitness-chickie from Biggest Looser would come on & they'd start to fight .... veggies flying everywhere..Wow..that Paula Dean can hold her own, can't she..

...then in comes Jerry Springer ...

Hmm...maybe not. Sorry Kathy. No book this year.

But I'll take the Cath Kidson bag...



Laurie said...

I'm with Kathy! From the first post I read on your blog, I thought "this lady needs to write a book!" I'd be first in line to buy it!!

debi @ life in my studio said...

You definitely need to write a book! You have such a flair! And look, you've already got three people who would buy it!

diane said...

Imagination running wild. Its a good one write it down. I'll have a copy too.

Vee said...

And why not? You've got everything you need right here. You've certainly got the talent and creativity. I'm with Kathy on this one.

Lucy said...

You go girl! I'll come to your book signings.

madrekarin said...

Y'all come on down to Georgia for your book signing and I'll be right there in line waiting for you to sign my copy and to finally meet you in person. :)
(You know, I don't say y'all for just anyone!)
You. Must. Write. A. Book.

Gaston Studio said...

Absolutely agree with all of the above and... you most certainly can write the chapter titles before anything else. Gives me something to 'jump off' on and keeps you organized. Come on. We're waiting!


Heather said...

LOL. you should write a book! i'd totally buy it :)

Shari said...

Please put my name on the list to preorder an autographed copy of the first edition!!

Pearl said...

You have to write a book cause once your dead, everybody will know you :) and we have to leave our mark on this earth. And what a mark you would make! What a terrific idea your sister has. I'll buy the first copy!!!!!!!!

Betty said...

Wow, you're already into your second printing, based on the comments here. I'm IN, for sure!!

Pen Pen said...

You write the book, put in some of your cool illustrations, and I'll help market your book. PROMISE! You really are funny and I know you could sell your book. Get busy!

Connie said...

Your sister is a smart lady. Yes, you should publish SOMETHING ! You are so talented and especially full of life. It is obvious and infectious!!
Thanks for stopping by -- always look forward to your projects and wise words.

PJ's talking... said...

Your kissy face is the best!