Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Niday Fright..

..and it seems like it's been a l-o-n-g week. And it's only been 4 days. Well, for working anyway. The week actually had the required 7 days to be a week..

I think I've been going through my second {or really my first} childhood lately. Maybe it's been the drawing in the sketchbook..or wanting to color..or being exposed to those cute 3rd. graders..

I read a quote that I will have to paraphrase here 'cos I don't remember who said it or even where I heard (or read) it, but it stuck..

"When I used to read the obituaries about someone elderly passing, I'd say "Well, they've had a good long life.." .. now that I'm getting up there in years, I don't seem to take that stance so much.."

Hmm..makes you think, huh? Well, it made me think. About some things I'd like to do.

Like swing..

No, not the "lifestyle"..gross..

Not the dancing, although now that I've said that, I really would like to learn how to swing dance..

I mean "swing" as in what I have in the park not a half a block down from my house.


As in set.
And not in the heat of the day or when I'd have to fight off little ankle-biters. And their Moms..

I'd like to swing in the very early morning...just when dawn is breaking and the birds are waking up. Singing in the azure blue morning....the birds, not me..well, maybe me..

I want to swing higher and higher and lean my head back and close my eyes and take flight..

I want to feel that fresh morning air on my face..then go back and start my grown-up life of laundry and dusting and having a job....

And you know what? There is not a single thing stopping me..I'm going to swing..

and close my eyes..

and take flight..

and hear those birds sing..

and see the sunrise.

Just wait - I'll tell you all about it. Better yet, find a swing and have yourself a go at it.

and tell me about it..



Lucy said...

Yes. What is it about a swing. I've wanted to do a post about swinging for many months now and all because I found such a cute picture on Google Images. But I've never been able to put it together yet in my head. I liked this! When I was back east last month I walked down to the park and swung (swinged? swang? whatever) with my grand-daughter. It really takes you back for a moment to a simpler time.

madrekarin said...

I can't swing. When I do I become terribly nauseated. :( I'll be on the teeter-totter watching the swingers soar!

Betty said...

Ooh, I love parks! Swings, seesaws, merry-go-rounds..and, my favorite..slides! There's just something about sliding down a nice high slide, with my hair blowing back and the wind in my face! I liked the swings better when the seats didn't fold up around my thighs and squoosh them.

Thanks for the happy memories!

wendy said...

I took my daughter to the park last week and we swang(?)It still is the most wonderful feeling and sweeps you right back into childhood.

The Feathered Nest said...

You're wonderful Colleen....just wonderful! hugs and love, Dawn

Pearl said...

I too am a Swinger, there I said it so the cat's out of the bag. I wish I had a very large tree in the yard and I would swing all the time. With a uh very large seat :) My favorite ride at the carnival was those huge swings that went way up and you went in a circle. Until I hit about 40...when I got off the swing my brains were scrambled and I kept falling to the left and could not go anywhere. My husband had to come in the gate and get me! Bummer!! But I can still do a straight swing in the back yard. Oh joy!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Ok ok...I am going to the park and sad we dont take the I reaaaaaly want to swing!
Thanks for the reminder. Have a wonderful Sunday! Laurie

PJ's talking... said...

I can only see half of the video... is it just me? I can see the left half, nothing else....

June said...

My father built his granddaughters a big swing in our huge old maple. It attracts kids. Mine play on it for hours, and when friends come over, they never let it get still. But I bide my time...early morning or dusk, I'll catch it free. And away I go. There's nothing like swinging to remind me that inside I'm the little girl who sang to herself and spent hours trying to touch the sky.

diane said...

Swing high, swing low, sweet Colleen. Love your post. It describes the freedom that comes with growing older, like the freedom of the child.
unfortunately I couldn't swing at the moment while I have Vertigo, however I love to run barefoot through the sand and sit and watch the waves with the wind in my hair.