Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to you all..

I hope yours was just as great as mine was.

Yep, I heard form all 4 kiddos..and one sweet girl form my work. Jeff & Rachael spent yesterday with us at our yard sale, then we 4 went to see Star Trek and out to Cafe Rio for diner..

{Yes, Juliet, the HUGE Orangutan, found a new home with the little girls down the street...couldn't quite get over my "buyers remorse" for getting her..}

I'm by no means a "Trekkie" but I was very entertained by this movie - no Academy Awards..but entertained and we all left happy that we went.

AND...big news..some of you know how much I love those Retro metal chairs and have been lusting over getting one..well, I didn't get one...

I GOT 4!!

Ah Huh - Mr. B and Jeff & Rachael got me 4 of the prettiest Candy Bouncers (apparently not too many folks know that's what their called..Mr. B said no one he talked to knew what he was talking about..)

And next it's...

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

The lovely "Vee" of won the necklace drawing. Vee, I'll need to you email me so we I can get your mailing address.

Yeah Vee! And, I'll find some excuse to have another drawing soon...don't want to wait another 627 posts before I have another fun give-away...

Well, my tired's tired and I found muscles in places I didn't know I have muscles..yard sales are hard work..but fun!

Have a wonderful Monday and think of it at getting to start a whole new week - and we can make it whatever we want it to be - aren't we blessed?



Pearl said...

Congratulations Vee!!

diane said...

Now you can buy more junk to sell at the next one. (only joking)
Congrats Vee. The chairs look comfy, they would go well on our renovated deck.

Vee said...

Wow...I'm so blessed! Thank you very much. Yes, I'll get my snail mail addy off soon.

Okay, I wanted to say congrats on your yard sale success and also that I am one of those who didn't know that a Candy Bouncer is the real name for that type of chair. I love those things!

Vee said...

One little thing...I don't see your email addy and my email is chronically ill. You can email me at Dunnpark @ hotmail dot com. Thanks again!

Gaston Studio said...

Congrats Vee!!

And I did know that was the correct name for those chairs but that's because I'm OLD!

Betty said...

Oh, this is too great! I enlarged the pictures before I read your post. My first thought was, "When did Colleen get those beautiful Candy Bouncers?!" Then, when I read they were your Mother's Day gift, I was so excited for you!!

Hope you made beaucoup bucks at your yard sale. Sorry to see Juliet go; but, I know what you mean about not getting over the buyer's remorse...let her go and move on, eh?

Congrats to Vee; I just know she will love her pendant!

Pearl said...

I myself just found out they were called Candy Bouncer but I've never heard anybody in my life time call them a name??