Thursday, May 14, 2009

I get to go on a field trip !!

..that is, IF I get chosen by the teachers..( note to teachers...yes, I Do require special consideration..after all I AM a...grandmother....)

My granddaughter, Emily, is 8 years old. And her school is having one last field trip for the end of the year.

They say it's for enrichment...I say it's because the teachers have "short-term-itis" as in "the year's almost over and we really don't feel like making a lesson plan for that Friday..."

However, since I'll be in Colorado for her older sister's graduation, I am tickled to be asked.. on a bus with like a bunch of 3rd grade 8 year olds.

heh heh..they'll think I am an ordinary Grandmother..then I'll show them my super-hero-powers! (as soon as I figure out what's appropriate for 8 year olds..maybe I could be like Halle Berry, Storm in the movie, and be..

"Stop!.. or I'll totally make it .....windy!"

I told Emily I wouldn't embarrass her, but I'm not so confidant I can keep that promise.

I mean, just because they're little, that doesn't mean they get to get away with stuff..not on my watch..

Like when Kathy and I went to the farm (now owned by the city and used as a park and learning/working farm) We had one specific goal in mind:

To milk a cow

All these little kids were in line (we were there first, I might add) so they lined up behind us. Somehow I think they thought we had little kids with us because they started cutting in front of us in the line..

Kathy could tell I was getting agitated and tried to calm me down..

"It's just a couple of little kids..look how cute they are dressed! It's OK, really.."

Then another one tried..I'd had enough..

"Hey! We were here first ShortPants..No cuts!"

I practically had to wrestle him for the Smurf-sized milking stool...but I held my ground.

Even his quivering chin didn't get to me..His mother....hmmm...almost.

It will be fun. I will get to spend some one-on-one (with 35 others) with Emily. Papa (Mr. B) will stay at home with her Daddy and Mommy and prepare for the graduation party. Cooking and cleaning, decorating, and scrambling...

(I totally scored on that one, don't you think??)

heh heh, like I said..

This is no ordinary Grandmother you're dealing with..



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Have a wonderful time on the field trip...and show them what a "not so ordinary" Grandma is really like!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I vote for you to go! Field trips are fun :) I haven't gone on one for years now that my daughter is in her high school years. Ah well, I guess I have something to look forward to then.


Heather said...

sounds like so much fun! can't wait to see the pictures!!

Gaston Studio said...

You've got tons of energy, they're going to love you! Have fun.

Karen said...

You didn't say where you were going. Is it someplace cool?

Betty said...

Great pictures of the cow-milking adventure!

I bet every single one of Emily's classmates wants you for a grandmother after the field trip! I can't even imagine how much fun you will make it for them! Enjoy!

Vee said...

Now I really am hoping that you will go because I know that it's all going to be blog fodder, but as one who has spent a lot of time on buses with third graders (and lots of other graders) may God have mercy. ;D

Connie said...

Thanks for the reminder !!!
I got laughing so hard when I read that.

Well, me too.
Enjoy your weekend

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Oh I'm so excited for you. I'm taking my darling 3rd graders to Discovery Gate way in June...come meet up with us and you can do the field trip all over won't even have to ride on the bus...singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall! Oh I don't think we can do that any more. Have fun, keeping them laughing, and you are so right.....this teacher has end of year itis!

Laurie and Chris said...

Lucky you!! Have a great time!!!