Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inspiration.... comes in many forms.

But you have to be aware of to it. It's all around. It really is.

Some of you have commented on the desk that I painted.

Well, Mr. B was the one who initially saw the potential. He saw the bones....

In my mind, I sort of knew what I wanted it to look like, but the finished product was not what I had originally thought it would be.

I had at first wanted it white. With antiquing.

Then red. With no antiquing.

Then Robin's Egg Blue with dark antiquing..

Then I spotted something I had made with some scrapbook supplies earlier in the year..and when I saw it again, with a new attitude, I saw what the desk needed to be.

This was the piece...

And I like how the finished product turned out...

Inspiration can come from a trip to the Dollar Store. Yeppers. One of my favorite places to get inspiration from. (Or is it "from which to get inspiration" ?)

We decorated Mr. & Mrs. P's entire rehearsal dinner from the Dollar Store - and I swear, it wasn't "tacky" at all. It was lovely. (I had LOTS of help from my daughters and my sisters..)

So on the trip there this week, I spotted these bags and couldn't resist them.

I won't use them in this form - as a bag - but may take them apart and make a cover for a journal, or mat and frame one as an art piece. And they were a dollar....

Sometimes, I get inspiration from looking into the mirror.

No, not at me silly...but at the room, or a painting, or a project that I am working on that's just not right somehow..and I get a different perspective.

(I keep this long skinny mirror on my computer desk so I can watch TV that's behind me ...backwards. Don't want to miss anything and I hate to keep cranking my neck around...)

Oh, then there's the inspiration I get when I see something in the store.

Like the frame I got a few weeks back...

Couldn't decide whether to put Mr. B's grandma in it or my grandma..

back and forth, back and forth...

then a cold wet nose touched my cheek and I knew...I just knew who had to be in the frame...

Lulu, Princess Warrior

(love this photo of her!)

So, tomorrow as you go about your day, look for all the things that God has given us for inspiration...and send up a little prayer of gratitude...



Diana Lyn said...

Hello, So glad you dropped in. I just read your whole blog, You are to funny! I loved it, loved your sweet dog, your beauitful new blue desk, (love it) who da thunk blue, not me, but I Love it! Your family is beautiful........ Congrats on your many years! Yeah us! Gives you a whole new perspective on whats important ... doesn't it! I am a Libra also, what day is your birthday? I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks, but a few of the women I have met, I have felt such a connection with, hope to hear from you soon! We have a lot in common! :o) Cheers and big pink hugs Diana Lyn

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ce gentil commentaire. J'en profite aussi pour vous découvrir !

kristinco said...

Désolée mon message est apparu en anonyme et surtout pas ! Je suis ravie de vous avoir connu !!!

Pen Pen said...

Lulu won out over grandma!!! Tee hee, how funny. Great picture of her. I am trying to snap a "good" picture of my dogs to frame. It's kind of hard to do, isn't it? I love the blue table... the color reminds me of the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Girl you are good! I love the way you shop. I think we need to go together one day=) and your inspirations are so cute!Lulu is just beautiful.


Oh Colleen! Ella is just gorgeous, Lulu is just gorgeous, your SIL is gorgeous too. Absolutely love what you've done to the desk. Thanks soooo much for cheering me up. You're a breath of fresh air.
Hugs, Coll :-}

~d said...

ohhh... ok now.

Find me some inspiration in that little goody room to make me lose 75 lbs. Ready....set... GO!

I also partially organized that computer room Utah! Aren't you proud my little inspiration???

Linda said...

I'm working on thinking outside the box...I like your bag ideas. Lulu is precious, I think the frame is perfect for her. Have a cozy weekend. hugs, Linda

Mary said...

Oh, the thoughts that bang around in our heads. I love to hear about what inspires you colleen!

Bax said...

YOU are an inspiration my dear! Have a wonderful weekend!


Joyce said...

Hi there,
I LOVED the photo of you and all the "girls" at the end of your blog nice. I love seeing happy families!
Well I appreciated you coming to visit me on my site.
I skimmed through yours very quickly because I haven't even had time to write you back but wanted to......I hate that when I leave someone a comment and they never acknowledge it. :~(
So I try to do that.
I am going to come back and read some more......oh and I LOVE your re-do's on the desk and such. Very CUTE I loved the color!
See you soon!
Be blessed,

Susie said...

I so enjoy reading your blogs and you have me cracking up! Thank you for the joys your share about your life. I, too, have a mirror up by my computer so I can do my blogging, whatever and not miss a trick on the tv behind me. There is an art to finding the right mirror and having it displayed just right....then you being on the treadmill watching tv. Just too funny! I am sure to be back.
The Polka Dot Rose

Julie said...

You can get some really nice things in the dollar store. You just have to pick through everything else. And ignore the filthy carpet (at least in one of our dollar stores).

Anonymous said...


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