Friday, May 16, 2008 speaking of names.... name once had a rhythm to it. Rolled out of my mouth with a little lilt...

Col-leen Sull-i-van..

Syllables...five. Count 'em. Even when I say it now, my shoulders kinda dance...
...Col-leen te da

But life is full of trade-offs.

You know...can't sing? Then be creative.

Can't dance? Then fall-down funnily (is that a word??)

So, my trade off concerning my name was going from a lilting 5 syllables to 3. Three.

Col-leen Blake. Sounds so...abrupt...Col-leen-lalala Blake. Blake. Like ,"OK- I'm done Blake".

You're probably wondering "so, what's the trade off for this?"

Or maybe you're wondering "why am I reading this...."

OK, my trade off is that every time I go to conventions or trade shows where you have to's usually by last name!

So, I got to go from the "S,T" group to the "A, B" group!

Front of the line, here I am! Usually the first greeter you see is the "A, B" greeter. While the other lines, you know, the "C, D, E's" and the "K, L, M's" are fighting their way to the front, I have already checked in and received my complimentary T-shirt, tote bag and coupon for a free drink!

I don't know about you, but I think I did alright....

Maybe I should go by Col-leen Sul-i-van-Blake...that sounds kinda musical, don't you think??

What 'trade-offs' have you made??



Charmingdesigns said...

Ooooh...what is in a trade off, are you ready..Laurie Fred, yup, Fred, do you think I got teased just a bit!? Ok, so now, its May..May what they say, its just Laurie May, ya, Laurie Mae what???, ok, there next question, How do you spell that. my answer...just like the month, you got it, What month they ask. I cant win.LOL

Mary said...

I went from Mary Kay Ritchey to Mary Hall. Yep, I went from the end of the line with a unique name, even had people wondering if my mom had anything to do with cosmetics (Mary Kay) to the middle. Come on, the middle of the line. Who remembers Mary Hall???

madrekarin said...

I went from Karin Kimball to Karin Smith. Talk about halting! No one remembers my name. And I end up at the last table. Always!
I rather like your name- Colleen Blake. It's pretty , and flows well, and it is definitely not boring.
Hope your sis is doing better! She has been in my prayers. I hope that she will soon receive those things she stands in need of.

Jan said...

Oh you do come up with some of the most interesting questions! LOL!
I started life as Janice Listner. Innocent enough name...except for 24 years I got the question "are you a good listener?" *rolling eyes* Gee, I've never heard that one before! Then I went to Jan Sisson. I have a slight lisp so Janice Sisson was out of the question. Now it's Schweiss...with a long "I" sound...and it gets pronounced all sorts of ways and usually with a stupid German accent! Not that a German accent is stupid, but because the accents that are tried are usually stupid! LOL! So I started in the middle and have been at the end for the past almost 30 years! I kinda like being at the end. That way I get to see what everyone else is doing first! : )

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I went from Penny Goucher (sounds like voucher) to Penny Carlson. Everyone always asked how to spell Goucher and I thought when I went to Carlson I wouldn't get that question anymore..But I do - "is that with a K or C", "is it SON or SEN? Or my favorite - Carlton - with a "t". Lol

I used to own a clothing store in upstate NY. It was called Colours Unlimited - long story about the name... anyway someone was going to write a check for their purchase and asked how to spell it. I said "it is -ours-" meaning Colours not Colors..after they left, I looked at the check and on the Pay To line was O.U.R.S. :-).

KJ said...

Oh, do I relate to this one! My maiden name is Karen Matheny. As much as I love my hubby, I did not want to become a "Miller"—especially since it is the 7th most common name in the US. Karen Miller does not dance like Karen Matheny did. So, I went back to my middle name: Karen June... Yes, life and love has it's trade-offs. (And, I do sing...)


Kentucky Bound said...

I went from the front of the class (Elizabeth Armstrong) to the end of the class (in more ways than one) as Liz Stull - talk about halting! to Elizabeth (Liz, Lizzie) Masiero (pronounced mas-ee-air-o) - doesn't that roll nicely from the tongue? For the last one I traded life as a single mom, working 2 jobs, thinking every man on the face of the earth was worthless pond scum for life with the gentlest, kindest, most wonderful man in the world. Not a bad trade, huh? Great guy, a name that rrrrrolls off the tongue and I'M GOIN' TO KENTUCKY!!!!


Teacher -n- Training said...

I went from Stephanie Kimble to Stephanie Brown. It was a nice trade off. When we moved to Alabama I was always called Stephanie Campbell's soup. Yeah, that was original since the idiots didn't know that the spelling was no where near the same!!! Like you, I've moved up in the world of names. It's nice. Except when professors begin to call in alphabetical order - yikes!