Saturday, May 17, 2008

..out of the blue clear sky...

Do you remember that song by George Strait?

I really like George. He has staying power. And no flashy and firecracker-backgrounds needed...

Classy. Classic.

Blue. That's my post for tonight. A blue tray. To match my blue desk.

Saw this in a Somerset Life and knew I wanted one..

then thought...
"Hey! I have one of those!"

So I got out the spray paint that I used on the desk, and sprayed away...
What do you think? Pretty close, eh?

The blue is not as "Robin's egg-y" but it does match the desk. I like it. I'm going to put 2 holes and run a beautiful wide satin ribbon, tied with a bow to hang on my wall.

I think I'll start taking magnets with me when I thrift, so I can see what could be used for a magnet board. I like magnet boards WAY more than pin-boards - no pin holes!

OK, enough "Show & Tell" for the good news...

I want to thank each and everyone of you who sent up good wishes & prayers for my sister..things have definitely taken a turn for the better. She's got a part-time job with great benefits, and has had some interest in the property. Her spirit seems to be shining again and I know it's because of the joint effort of all of you! So, thanks again!

Have a good Sunday - I'm going to check out an Estate sale (the ad says 90 years of "stuff"!) so I'll let you know how I did.

Until then -

Sleep tight!



Charmingdesigns said...

I'm so glad to hear about your sister perking up!! Oh Man...90 year old stuff!! Cant wait to see what you come away with. Your tray is great!! Thats why we like mag. so much...great ideas!! Have a good day tomorrow!! It was over 100 here today up in the Northwest. Laurie

Jack and Betty said...

So much to say....happy to hear about your sis; really love the tray idea; magnets instead of pins...another good thought.

Then there's the "stuff" you get to see...I can't even imagine what all you will find; but, I know you will find treasures where others see "just old stuff"...let us see what you find!!

Love ya.

Jan said...

So happy to hear about your sister! Power of every time! : )
I really love that tray. I collect trays but never thought outside the box enought to think about spray painting any of them! I learn so much from blogging!


the old schoolhouse said...

Hi colleen im back, was away with pam for a few days,im glad to hear your sister is on the mend.Cant wait to see what you come up with [90 years of stuff] ye ha enjoy !!! Angie x


glad to hear your sister is doing ok...isn't the blog world amazing? I hope you found the mother lode at the sale!

Brenda said...

OMG Ms. prissy you are getting to good. Im so impressed.

Kentucky Bound said...

OOOH! Your magnet board looks great! Filing the idea away for future reference. You know you can actually get sheets of magnet that you can cut to whatever shape you want?! The possibilities are endless.