Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teensy things that make me happy..

We all have the BIG ones..you know, God, family, friends, pets..

But sometimes I get just the biggest chuckle, grin, happy from the simplest of happenings...

Like Mr. B's truck doors - we've been experiencing some issues with them not locking automatically when they are supposed to - and then not opening when they are suppose to, or the driver's side locking, but not the passenger's.

Oh, and, yes, they warranty just ran out. Of course.

So, I move the truck into the driveway when I get home after I put the Silver Pearl in first..{my cutie-car..}

..so when the truck's doors actually lock, both of them, and I don't have to go around to the passenger's side..yeah..I'm happy.

Then, when the undershirts I wear (in place of the used-to-be-bras) come out of the dryer and not have to be turned right-side-out?

You got it..happy..

I know, I could insure they come out that way by actually turning them prior to washing and drying them..but that's not the same thing..then it wouldn't be such a delight to go "Yay!" when I see one that's right-side-out..


...new window cleaner from Windex - the one that you use outside- spray then scrub then spray and windows are steak free? No drying with paper towels or squeegees? It worked! Happy happy me.

Oh, Mr. B brought me one of those disposable toilet brushes - YAY! No more of those plastic "concealer-thingies" that you put the yucky-dirty brush in to hide it.. And, it even has a hook to the tank for the handle.


..and I really mean that..

..oven mitts without the holes - you know, the holes you discover just as you lift the heavy casserole..

..a hubs that replaces the tp AND puts the seat down..

..seeing little birds have found our Main Street Seeder..


What teesny things make you happy??

Betcha can't think of them without smiling...

See? Told ya..
Kissy Kissy..


debi @ life in my studio said...

hehehe! Cute post!

Laurie said...

Yeah, like when my husband opens the cheese wrappers and actually puts them in the garbage. Or when the phone rings, and I actually find it before the party hangs up. Happy happy happy!
(Love these pictures, yes they make me happy!)

diane said...

I just love your illustrations for this post.It is wonderful that little things can make you happy when you have such sadness in the family. Keep smiling, it helps.
I'm happy when I can pee without it hurting. (a side effect from the recent op)

Gaston Studio said...

Love this post! We all need to actually LOOK at the little things and realize how happy we could be!

For me, it's having someone replace their chair under the kitchen or dining table rather than leaving it poking way the heck out... that can make me really happy!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great post, fun to read! Thanks!

Heather said...

lol cute list! and i love the animal photos to go along with it!

Betty said...

Ooh, my list is too long to put here. I just love what I call "life's little victories"..being first or even second in the grocery line; a parking spot in the shade; everything our pets do to make us laugh...well, you get the idea. I like your list. I think we have the best hubbies there are...kind, considerate, loving, caring...oops, there I go again...off on a tangent about our great guys!

wendy said...

Love your list! I feel the same way about pulling shirts out of the dryer! and now I have to go buy that windex!

Charmingdesigns said...

I get happy and giggly when I turn on the computer and someone has left me a message...its a little thing, but it really makes my day!! Who knew I would be so addicted to my blogging buddies. You and your blog...always makes me happy. Laurie

Lori R. said...

I agree with Charmingdesigns, love,love,love to get comments on my blog. OHHH, and one of the best ones in my house; a toilet stool lid that DOES NOT SLAM. Yep, they make them! The lid goes down nice and slow all on its own...happy happy double happy!

Laurie and Chris said...

Very cute post!!