Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello? Yes, we do have a you have a reservation??

Seating is limited..however, if you'd like to wait on the roof, or maybe at the "bar" (hahaha.. I crack me up it..the pole is like a bar??..oh, never mind..

Anyway, as you can see, our feeder is getting plenty of traffic..even had one big 'ol bully-bird there..

"Look over there! He's HUGE! No. Don't look!...Just keep eating..don't make eye contact..we don't want any trouble.."

"nomnomnom..good seeds, huh? nom nom nom..Let's get outta here.."
(do birds smack their lips..ah..beaks?? Hmmm..)

"heh heh heh..gets 'em every I got da place to me-self.."

"Geesh! Hey Lard-Butt.. ever heard of a salad ??"

Braxton, as usual, is quite unimpressed. Quite bored actually..thinks he shall take a's one of the things he does soooo well :-)

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Charmingdesigns said...

Your birds are wonderful. Even the

Altered Glass said...

and you were worried the birds weren't going to come...I see they came in herds! and yes, you crack me up too, bar (pole)hehehe.... Hope you have a Happy Monday too;)

Betty said...

You must have just the right touch for your feeder...what a lovely group of birds. And, hey, bullies gotta eat, too, eh?

Collected Treasures said...

Just dropped the birds and your sense of made me smile. Hope you can drop by and visit me sometime.....I can always use a smile :) xjana

Sweet Repose said...

For some reason when I read your posts, I totally understand what you're saying, even the lil' words like nomnomnom...I know what you're saying and I see the real I tetched in the head...
(don't answer that)


diane said...

Glad to see you have a lot of feathered friends visiting.Braxton just doesn't want to know.