Monday, June 1, 2009

Anatomy of a thunderstorm..

We heard a loud roll of thunder tonight when Mr. B and the pups were taking a walk..

At least we thought it was thunder..

When we looked outside, the sky was a teensy bit gray & cloudy..then all of a sudden we saw this..


It was SOOO LOUD! And somehow, frightening and patriotic at the same time. One can certainly understand why the folks in New York were nervous seeing a low flying huge plane last month.

It's "Air Force Week" and this was a wonderful display of flying. I only wish I had my camera ready sooner. It was MUCH more impressive in real-life!

The neighbor boys got ready to protect the chickens from any unwanted intruders - even those in jets..

Braxton & Lulu didn't seem to mind either...but Grandma Evelyn looks a little nervous!

Shortly after they stopped circling, the storm blew in.

Maybe it was in answer to the "thunder-like" noises they were making..Mother Nature probably said ,

"Oh yeah? Bring it on. Let ME show you how it's done.." Then the real thunder (and lightening) came in with a vengeance. And just as quickly as it came in, it left.

Huh. Well, I guess ole MN (those who know Mother Nature well get to call her that) is just like any other strong woman..let 'em know you're 'em your strength and how loud you can be if provoked, and once your point is made, get over it and carry on without a grudge or resentment.

And that "I told you so" Yeaaaah, that'll come tomorrow when the humidity rises...

Have a fun, spring, stormy, Air Force kind of day. Rest easy - the Good Guys are here to protect us..



debi @ life in my studio said...

Love the pics of the cool to see that! The short lived rain storm tonight was actually cooled things down nicely.

diane said...

Scary with the planes if you didn't know it was airfore week.
Summer storms can be quick but viciuos. Take care. Good shots of the planes and dramatic sky.

Altered Glass said...

You sure were quick with that camera. How impressive. Out here in the sticks, we occasionally see some helicopters coming in for National Guard weekend, but not real often. They sure look like they are flying low! Thanks for sharing a sight I will never see.

Sweet Repose said...

Unlike Laurie above, I'm just a couple of miles from our local airport and get to witness corporate jets flying in and out all day, small pleasure craft and an occasional glider soaring high above my roof...I also get to enjoy the residue of jet fuel on my organic veggies and everything else it drifts to...the price we pay for technology...argh!

Have a great week!


Gaston Studio said...

Spectacular shot of those planes in formation. A sight like this just about makes my heart stop and it definitely brings tears!!


Charmingdesigns said...

Awesome pictures. Thanks, I fixed my booboo on my blog. Laurie

Betty said...

Having been raised on air bases, I still love the sound of planes..especially jets! They make my heart flutter! Nice pictures of Mom Nature revving up for a good cry!

Pen Pen said...

What a beautiful display in the sky! We used to live near a military base. Sometimes the sound of the jets flying over would be so loud, it was very scary. I can remember the kids putting their hands over their ears and running into the house when they would fly over. Funny, I kind of miss it now. :o)

Heather said...

wow that was totally awesome. i would love to see something like that in person! thanks for sharing.

Jean said...

Great post! Love it! You sure took me back with the last one. Smells are almost more provoking than sight. Love all your estate sale items. I don't do yard/garage sales any more either. You might find something good once in awhile but it's not worth the time. Jean

Laurie and Chris said...

Wow! That must have been a sight to see and hear! Great pictures.