Monday, June 1, 2009

The "Smells" of summer...

No, not the usual ones like cut grass, which I do so love...

But the ones less thought Bonnie Bell 10-06 Astringent..

I lived in Arizona with my brother and his wife at the time and I kept it in the refrigerator..a cool break in the hot summer day was to get a cotton ball and put that on my face. I can still remember the smell..Do they even make that anymore?

Sea Breeze was a good that time, Bonnie Bell was sort of a luxury..

And Noxzema. I used to get sunburned..a lot..{trying to tan you know..pre-any knowledge about skin cancer..} So I would slather Noxzema on my sunburned shoulders..

Speaking of sunburned..the smell of Coppertone still takes me back..SPF?? Who heard of such a thing..I wanted a tan..and I wanted it N.O.W.

I had Mr. B pick up some sun-block the other day and I put some on my arms..I guess some got on my fabric purse 'cos every time I go in it, the aroma of summers past goes to my head..even the sun block smells like summer!

Then there was Skin-So-Soft. A good mosquito repellent. I still do love this stuff, but the mere smell takes me back to 15th year on planet earth.

Love's Baby Soft..this was just Pre-Estee Launder Youth Dew..

All the boys smelled like Jade East..and Stridex pads..{I used to keep these in the fridge, too} The Stridex...not the boys..

Oh, and speaking of boys..look at this ad for Midol I found...

Hahahaha! Talk about "racey"..and I used to get high on Midol ..not on's just that I had, and still have, a very low tolerance for any sort of drug ..I'd be all loopy..Geesh!

Anyway, a trip in the "Way-Back" machine once more.

Be careful in the sun, cool yourself in the summer and be not-crabby with the cramps (and not be a spaz - it has an "Anti-Spasmotic").

Sound advice from my Mother..



wendy said...

I think I used just about everything you mentioned! I'm trying to remember the stuff you put in your hair to lighten it,and mine ( being I have dark brown hair) turned orange,I guess it was to match my orange legs from the instant tan stuff..Hahahahaha. Oh what happy memories, once again Thank you!

Lucy said...

Noxzema. My goodness. It would take me back to Jr. Hi in Moses lake, Washington. Did that stuff ever work? I don't think so. I was then, and still am, always looking for a miracle.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane! It was GREAT! Love the Midol ad. haha Hard to even imagine an advertisement now like that. Woman are so independent and if a man doesn't like our mood he must just get out of the way, we won't drug ourselves to make his life more pleasant. LOL

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

No Summer as of yet here in Germany... maybe
next week.

Btw, I have posted the rest of day 2 on my trip to
Ireland and pictures. check it out if you get a chance.


Altered Glass said...

You didn't even need smell-o-vision for this one. I close my eyes and remember each one. Especially liked the astringent in the fridge, I did that too. Of course, then all my friends had to try it, but I thought of it first.(Actually someone told me to try it, it wasn't my original). And the Sun In, yes, I always said I would always be a blonde, but that stuff was ridiculous, lemon juice did better, not quite so harsh. Thanks for the memories.... Oh and yea, remember when we would put on suntan lotion to get a better tan or in my case, burn; now we put it on to protect from a burn. Oh how we just didn't know at the time. Us girls that couldn't tan thought red was an okay compromise.

Coleen said...

smells......they have a magic "transport back in time" built in, huh??? the smell of clorine takes me back to the hours spent in the pool...indoor pools was a stronger smell inside..

Heart Hugs,

Jan said...

Oh my dear, you did take me back! Coppertone is my all time favorite! I think it should be made into a perfume! LOL! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Heather said...

oh i love the smell of sunscreen, suntan lotions, and after sun lotions! they all make me think of the beach and summers spent by the pool! i didn't know you could put noxzema on sunburns.. does it work to help it not hurt or heal faster?

Betty said...

I'm with Jan...Coppertone cologne...there's one I would buy. Oh, yeah, baby oil for burning...we weren't too smart, but we were brown.

Don't you love it when you smell an aroma which takes you back to pleasant memories? Thanks for the reminders.

Pearl said...

That was a fun trip down memory lane. You have a good memory, wish mine was that good. pooh!

Laurie said...

Wow what a great trip! I remember the baby oil, and turning into a burnt lobster. I also agree on the
Coppertone perfume! I could keep my nose in the bottle all day!