Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you heard the commercials for "CARFAX"?

You know, they say "always ask for the CARFAX Vehicle History Report.... Don't buy a lemon!"

Weelllll....I think single women should have a MANFAX History Report available..their tag line could be..."Don't get a jerk!"

Wouldn't you want a report from his former "Date-ees" as to his, ah, over-all.. mileage?

How about his "Wear & Tear" know..if there's been any body work?

If his radiator is radiating? Is his transmission transmitting? If his sparks are sparking ..

and are his

How he handles the curves?

A rough-built off-road vehicle for enjoying the great outdoors..there's nothing this one can't handle....

What kind of gas?? Well, maybe not so much..

Does he use his brights when things get foggy? Or is he a little... dim...

I can see the report now...

"He is great when the road is smooth..but be careful when there's any bumps!"

or "He has stability and comfort but at the expense of high mileage.."

"He's the perfect family-van...."

"Smooth lines.." Oh, that may not be a plus..

"Has his odometer been set back.... (his 'reported' age??)"


Just watch out for the racy- fast-sporty-expensive ones - they're always compensating for some shortcoming...heehee

ps- if Ozzy Osborne were a dog....


Charmingdesigns said...

(Hee Hee)! Love your banner!!!! Laurie

Pearl said...

Good post, you always highlight my day. I also love the header on your page. Have a great night!

Gaston Studio said...

LOL, great one!

Lucy said...

YES! To one and all.

Betty said...

This is one creative post! Love the pictures and the statements. Convertible? That 'rug' is a hoot! Thanks for starting my day with many hahas (wasn't she someone famous?).

wendy said...

Oh My!!! The laugh I needed this morning....Thank you! Great post!!

Laurie said...

Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my face, I laughed til I cried! You're one hilarious woman! By the way, I adore and love your banner!

Coleen said...

your new banner is so sweet!!! the post...especially about the *convertible*..tooo dang funnie!!!

Heart Hugs,

Altered Glass said...

Excellent idea! Ya know that might save a few second, third, and fourth marriages... Funny, oh and you post the cutest pictures. Thanks for this evenings entertainment ;)

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

You write the neatest post. It always good to get a laugh, and this one was a hoot. Love your blog!!!!
The new header is nice, love the little birds.

Julie said...

Too funny! You are really creative! I would love to see the comb-over guy in a convertible.