Sunday, June 14, 2009

Short post, Red plaid shoes and wet puppies..

Well, that about wraps up my Sunday..

OK, "Luuucy, you got some 'splaining to do..."

Found some great, comfortable inexpensive shoes at WallyWorld a couple of weeks ago.

I liked them. Mr. B said they "look like you"..

April said "They look like clown shoes..yeah, they look like you.."

..don't know what happened to the sweet, lying girl I raised to tell me I look fAblOUs NO MATTER WHAT..maybe she remembers me saying..

"If I ever dress like that..just shoot me.."

Anyway, back to the shoes..I bought the blue/green pair to wear to Alyssa's graduation.

..but I saw they also had a red/orange pair..but my jacket was lime green, so I got the blue/green..

Well, today, as I wrote out my grocery list (yes, I know how lucky I am to have Mr. B actually LIKE to grocery shop..) I half-kiddingly wrote "red plaid shoes, size 10"..yes, we come from a long line of big-feet..

You know what? He brought home yogurt, bread, mouthwash plaid shoes!

Can you imagine? He just sashayed up to the register with red plaid shoes, size it was nothing!

Maybe he manly-walked up more than actual "
sashay-ing"..matter of fact, I'm certain he VERY manly walked up to the register with Greek yogurt, whole grain bread and red plaid Mary Jane shoes, size 10..

Well, I wanted to thank him, so I volunteered to give Braxton a bath..

Mr. B said he wanted to trim him a little first, so about 15 lbs of hair later, here's the little guy..

Gotta love a man who buys Women's shoes and grooms puppies, huh?

Yeah, I sure do :-)

How do I look, Lulu??

You look fabulous..gotta go now, before they can catch me..

Have an excellent Monday, okay?



Coleen said...

aww.......what a guy you have!!!and the pups are adorable, does take courage to wear those shoes and you got it girl!!

Yup, bedsprings and peanuts...can't beat it , huh???

Heart Hugs,

Betty said...

Love your new shoes! I'll bet you were a hit at the graduation.

And, what a sweetheart Mr. B is! Not every man would be willing to buy your stuff for you. He's a keeper! Of course, you knew that already.

Braxie looks so good; funny that Lulu was hiding...not gonna get me, she says!

Sweet Repose said...

Yup...he's a keeper...does he hire out...(for groomings)

Love the shoes and yes, they are soooo you...if I came home with shoes like that, my daughter would commit me...Miss Earth shoe, Birkenstock and yes Croc girl...but don't tell anyone...just an old hippy at heart...right!


Julie said...

They are so cute. The dogs. No, the shoes. No, both of them. Two cute dogs, two cute pairs of shoes. And never, ever let anyone tell you you are too old to wear something you like.

Pearl said...

What a great post and what a great guy you have. My hubby does the same things. We is very lucky girl!! Puppys are cute as always, and I'm not going to even comment on the shoes! Pearl

diane said...

Gorgeous puppies, cute shoees and a great man!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I love your sandals!!! Love love love plaid!!

Doggies look bright and shiny :)


Pen Pen said...

What a sweet Mr. B! Aren't good husbands awesome???? Love your plaid shoes.. and yes, they suit your personality just fine! That looks like my Butterbean up there in that sink... and yes, the other two run when they see it's bath time. Aren't they fun?