Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK, so it was not ALL serious and photogenic and atristic..or even "pretty"..

yeeeeah, whenever we girls get together, it's really, seriously, something else..



Take last Friday night. After dinner at Larry & Cilla's. It was late. We were tired.

Did we let that stop us? Noooooo..

Once back at Gerri's...

Recipe for a side-splitting evening:

{ was involved..}


3- sisters

1- niece-photographer/videographer

3- paper-facial-masks that look like thick computer paper (Gerri used to be with Elizabeth Arden salons at VP of HR and got samples)

1- bottle of wine..any color, any type, any year...

1-digital camera and 1 flip-camera (video)


Place paper on face. Cut holes for eyes and nose (holes do not need to be made to actual eye/nose ratios - example: Gerri's one beady eye and my ginormous eye holes...Kathy's are.. ..perfect... because, well..she's Kathy..)

Wet face. Put paper on face. Wet paper. Peel. Drink.

Add wine.

Not to face. Ingest the wine..

Feel and look 10 years younger!

OK, maybe look 10 hours younger, however, act 52 years younger.

Next: How to moon people without ever taking your pants off:

1. Hop into truck back seat - squeeze into backseat by folding down front seat and crawling in

2. Ride to Estate in back seat with 3 other people and 2 (two) friendly dogs in truck

3. Sail across 35-miles of rough, dusty, bumpy gravel roads with 3 other people and 2 (two) friendly dogs

4. Park truck on the world's narrowest street and have to endure the stares and verbal abuse of elderly men in golf carts saying, "You're taking up the whole street!"

5. Attempt to get outof said truck by swinging your adorable Sketchers-shooed feet out from the back-seat, and feel them dangle 10 inches above the hot pavement of the too-narrow subdivision, while enduring yet another verbal berating by yet another old fart in a friggin golf cart..

"We're purchasing furniture and we'll move the truck as soon as it loaded, Groucho-Grumpy-Gramps... Go hit a ball or! or hit a boogie (bogy?)..a ball" (always wanted to say that..)

Try to squeeze out of backseat...hanging by something.. ..butt's not THAT big..something's terribly wrong. (!) ...feet are swinging trying to touch down..arms are flailing...face is turning red in the heat...


..ooooh-kay. Cool air rushing where no cool air should blood..just shreds of what was previously known as my JEANS and my screamin' yellow PANTIES hanging down.

Well, at least my feet are now on solid ground.

Alrighty Pops-and-the-golf-cart-gang , where are ya now that I can officially moon ya??

"So we loaded up the truck and move to Beverly..Hills that is.. (uh..Arivaca hills)
{no} swimmin' pools {or } movie stars.."

{notice the 'readers' AND the magnifying glass? ?? Naw - she doesn't need glasses..but we WERE afraid of her starting a FIRE!}




diane said...

You and your sisters are hilarious.It must be a barrol of laughs with you lot. The trip in the truck sounded an interesting experience. Isn't it great when you're old enough to behave like that and get away with it. It's a hoot. Mooning in blogland.

diane said...

Did I write that?? barrel, barrel, barrel.

debi @ life in my studio said...

OMG! That is TOO, TOO Funny!! Not only a side-splitting time, but a pant-splitting time. Sisters are sooo wonderful....I don't know how anyone gets through life without them. I'm lucky enough to have five!

Gaston Studio said...

What a wonderful relationship you girls have! LOL

Lori R. said...

I called my mom and asked her if she gave up a child at birth. I think you are my long lost sister! You would fit right in with all us when we do the annual girls thing. What a hoot!!! Glad you had some family fun.

Heather said...

all i can say is LOL. you girls are hilarious together! oh and the pants, lol!

Pen Pen said...

Looks like a LOT of fun! I can imagine all the laughter in the room! And it's a good thing you had on pretty yellow panties when you ripped your jeans!

Betty said...

"Moon over Arivaca" doesn't have the same ring to it as "Moon over Miami"...but, I think it looks like way more fun! I know how much fun you and Kathy can be; now, I know Gerri is just as much fun. We really need to get together sometime soon.

Love this post!

Vee said...

:D You are so funny. I don't know how you gals and your poor brother ever got a lick of sleep. Are you sure that you didn't add wine to your looks pretty pink. And, darlin', your diet is working!! It is. That's a skinny little backside.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What fun! You crack me up!!

Neabear said...

Too funny! You had me laughing there girl. I had troubles getting in and out of hubby's truck one day. My mom was with us and decided I should be the one to suffer the backseat. I tried doing the feet first, gave up and turned around and did butt first instead. But still couldn't reach the ground. So I had to hang on with my butt hanging out there while hubby went and got a stool for me. Then I could stretch one foot down and stand on the stool while getting the other foot out without going into the splits which I can't do anyway. What a chore that was. Never again do I want to get into the back seat of a truck. LOL!

Julie said...

You guys are outrageous. You should never even be allowed to get together (just kidding!)