Saturday, June 27, 2009


Get it?

So on our walk this morning we took some great photos of....stuff.

Plain old telephone pole, right??

nuh-uh... a picture of a mercat!

Hmm...what? you don't turn on your head when looking at things?

Rust. Truck rust. Flatbed truck rust. Cool rust. Cool..

"Grab the chickens in Mable, we're getting weather!"

"Morning reflections"
..I think that's supposed to have a deeper meaning...

Snapdrgons or Sweetpeas? I always get those 2 mixed up..

Wooden fence. White. Chippy. Love it.

..chain link fence dressed up in yellow..good color on it..see Junior?
Here kitty, kitty..

Graveyard for appliances.

"Rust in piece(s)."

Do you spot the deer in the photo below?

Me neither.

But he was there yesterday. I didn't have my camera when he was there, so you'll just have to use your imagination..isn't he magnificent??

Same flowers. Same question: sweetpeas or snapdragons?

..have a fun day or 2 this week-end.



debi @ life in my studio said...

Sweetpeas. Great got some really fun photos. Love the one of the deer! hehe

Pearl said...

Sweet Peas! I love them, never seen a bush one though? Interesting walk? I love your imagination. It's kinda like, "I see dead people!" like the movie get it?? Oh never mind" I do really love your ability to see what others cannot. How's Brother doing? I hope he is pain free and happy!!

Betty said...

So, is that blue thing in the deer-less field a feeding dish? Were you hoping to entice him/her to enter the 'picture', so to speak?

I just love to go on your walks (visually...a little too far to actually join you) see the most interesting things. And, then, bless your heart, you share them with us.


Lucy said...

Oh come on....everybody knows that snapdragons can bite your finger. They're fun to play with. When you're six.

wendy said...

I loved your walk! I'll have to take some pictures of the faces on stuff I've seen! Your blogs are so fun!

Jan said...

Loved joining you on your walk! Clouds! Look at the clouds! What I wouldn't give to see some clouds today! 103 in Kingman...and I can't even imagine what Havasu is going to be!
So enjoyed your previous post. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

You take the neatest pictures and have the best descriptions of anyone. Wish we could get some of that beautiful rain. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. We can hope anyway.
Love the mercat. Sometimes when Miss Feebee stands up she looks just like a mercat. They are so cute.
Have a great restful night.

PJ's talking... said...

shoot, I got the name of your blog wrong in my video... well, everybody probably knows who Utah Grammie is...
sweet peas smell sooo good... xo PJ

Vickie said...

Sweet Peas. Lovely photos :) I was just looking at my friend's facebook friends list. A familiar face popped up...Yours! I'll send you a message on facebook about which friend it is, just in case she doesn't want her name all over the blog-o-sphere. I have to figure out the connection.

Laurie and Chris said...

Sweet peas!! I'm glad i'm not the only one that sees things when I look at normal every day items.

diane said...

Great pics, thanks for the walk and "seeing things" as long as they aren't little green men we are all OK.

Neabear said...

Great post! I sometimes see things too. I have a tree outside my bathroom that I swear has a dog face on it. I should take a picture of that one. Oh those are Sweet Peas, cuz I have snapdragons and they look nuthin like your flowers.

Julie said...

Sweet peas, my friend, sweet peas. And as for the rest of the pix, cool beans, as my much younger co-worker used to say!

Miss jane said...